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10 Golden Conversion Optimization Tips!

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

10 Golden Conversion Optimization Tips

Does your company get enough registrations, prospects and customers through the internet?

If the answer is 'no', then it is time for conversion optimization to increase the conversion!


Most SMEs are mainly engaged in generating more traffic to their online store, better keyword positions, further optimizing AdWords, more use of newsletters etc. All good,

because usually the more traffic the more conversion.

But often conversion optimization is hardly done / forgotten! And what does it mean for your marketing budget if you succeed in doubling the conversion of your website / online store? Then it is either saving in marketing costs or doubling the conversion!


Just back to the beginning. A conversion is a desired action that visitors make on your website / online store. This can be:

- A request for quotation

- A (first) order

- A telephone call

- A subscription to a program

- A subscription to a newsletter

- Etc.


You can make all these conversions (goals) measurable in Google Analytics. Usually this conversion rate is around 1% for lead generation and between 1% and 5% for shops

(depending on the situation). This means that often 95% to 99% of your visitors do nothing on your website and after a cursory visit they leave your website (and may never return).

Optimizing conversion is the collection of actions that lead to visitors converting earlier / faster. Your website / online store becomes more effective and better able to generate leads / welcome new customers.

These conversion-enhancing actions therefore do not directly affect the number of visitors that come to your domain ... but have a direct influence on the effectiveness of your online store / website. And there are great opportunities here at most SME websites / online stores!


In this article about conversion optimization, our tips emphasize the first impression. When this first impression is good (or improved), the chance is higher that visitors will convert.

As a conversion optimization specialist I therefore pay less attention to only visual issues such as the colour of a button or the location of a button. The conversion-enhancing tips that I give here are a bit deeper and touch the identity of your site / shop.

This article is mainly written for SME website / online store owners who want to achieve more with lead generation or who want to expand their customer database with their online store.



Below are 10 tips to increase the conversion of your website / online store. Be aware that this is just a selection from all possibilities. And keep in mind that conversion optimization always offers different work / other results per site / shop depending on the job in hand.

1. Address the target group

A method that always works to create a good impression is to explicitly appeal to the visitors of your website / online store. This is best done by directly dealing with the dilemmas / topics your visitor is trying to tackle.

Addressing your target audience is something you do briefly in various locations (landing pages / homepage / conversion pages). Because you do this explicitly, the visitor

feels more addressed and recognition can arise.

2. Clear UPSs

Many websites and online stores often only communicate about what is offered. But if you realize that a visitor via Google is looking at a number of sites quickly (a first site visit takes an average of 7 seconds), then you want to tell this visitor at a glance why he needs to order/request information here.

including the most important (preferably up to 4) USPS in the header or in another prominent generic place will make people ' understand ' what your website/online store is all about.

3. Dosing content

If you realize that a new visitor to your website / online store decides on average to stay or leave in 7 seconds, then it is not useful to present whole pieces of text (especially on the homepage) or a lot of information (blocks). They will only read those laps of text if you have convinced them to stay.

That is why it is essential to make the main landing pages clear and clear as part of conversion. The floor comes after that!

4. Top web design

A website / online store that looks sloppy, that is not well optimized on tablet or smartphone, or where so many colours are used interchangeably that it does not come across as serious, does not stand a chance. A visitor has an 'unconscious eye' for things that are not right.

Paying attention to a suitable web design is a prerequisite for a good first online impression. A golden edge is not necessary, but a neat and professional design certainly is.

5. Clear proposition

This point applies especially to lead generation websites. Online stores usually succeed in clarifying what is available for sale (through images of product offerings etc.).

Websites (especially when it comes to services) often have problems with this. Presenting a title for the website and also a good slogan are great tools to make clear at a glance what your website / online store is all about. The more concrete, the better, optimal conversion marketing!

6. "About the strikers"

Besides the fact that visitors want to know where they are, what they can expect, what and why they should convert here, it is very important to draw new visitors over.

You want to introduce them, offer them the ultimate customer experience ... so that they return more often and become loyal to the website / online store of your company. There

are many ways and methods for this.

7. The perfect mimicry

Tip 7 is about snapping: if you want visitors to understand what it is all about in a matter of seconds, it is important to make the layout of the website / online store so that visitors can view the website at a glance.

Some homepages and landing pages are often so full of texts, blocks, images and navigation menus that a new visitor can no longer see the forest through the trees. The chance that a visitor will drop out is very great. The perfect mimic includes all the points described above.

8. Persuasiveness

enticing and benefit-packed web texts make you curious and build persuasiveness. Often you see online stores with only offers, without a piece of copywriting. Naming the benefits, explaining the distinctive character, result-oriented writing (sales holes, no drilling) and ensuring recognisability ..., ensure the best result.

9. Attractive navigation items

If you want visitors to stay longer than 7 seconds, then it is necessary to create sufficient 'springboards' to the rest of your website / online store.

In other words: the more attractive / engaging the navigation items on your website / online store are, the greater the chance that they will continue. Death Eaters like 'contact', 'products', 'approach' can make room for 'benefits', 'unique approach', 'free acquaintance', etc.!

10. Tell the visitor what to do

In addition to an appealing and clear navigation menu, you must provide sufficient access to interesting, valuable content. The use of clear and convincing 'calls to action' and a smart conversion script definitely contribute to this. Make it as easy as possible for the visitor, so that the threshold to go deeper into your website / online store is as low as possible.


The above 10 tips simply indicate what possibilities there are for increasing the conversion.

But there are many more influences on online conversion optimization. It is even

possible that your online store scores badly on all these tips and still converts very well.

Because influences such as competition, the broadness of your focus, the age of your online store / website (leading or joining), the traffic channels etc. determine to a large extent how your website / online store converts.

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