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    • Wirya Hassan

    10 Tips for Successful Video Marketing

    Updated: Apr 25, 2019

    Video Marketing is a promising advertising strategy that can be very successful depending on the implementation.

    The cost-to-revenue ratio of video marketing can be very frustrating. Most videos produced are time-consuming and costly, and then find little attention.

    These 10 tips will help you optimize your video marketing.

    1.) Youtube

    You publish the video on YouTube. With one billion users, your video will also be watched on YouTube.

    2.) Irresistible video material

    Find out what the interests of your targeted audience are and implement them in your video. You have to be creative, "How To" videos are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube. Users are all the time looking for such videos to compare or improve their personal skills and experience.

    3.) Optimize your content

    After you've finished your video and uploaded it to Youtube, you need to make yourself heard. The most important tool for this is Google. Think about keywords that should alert them to your video and target them. Include the keywords in the title, description and tags of your video. This continuity allows for a high ranking of your video within a few weeks to months.

    4.) References to your homepage

    To make users aware of your URL, add the appropriate link below your video (preferably in the description of the video). In a convincing video, the users are also aware of

    your homepage. Especially if you refer to your homepage in the final sequence of your video. So you win users and potential customers for both ways.

    5.) Keep costs low

    To upload a video on YouTube for advertising the costs on average are between 0.02 - 0.04 US dollars. The price - performance ratio is almost unbeatable. The low cost, with a billion

    potential "viewers", has an enormous breadth that hardly any other marketing strategy can match.

    6.) Sharing

    Never forget the call to share! The more the video is shared, the more people can see it, and so the video goes up in the Google ranking. Virality is an important factor in video marketing.

    7.) Stimulate interactions

    The more interaction through your video, the better. Comments and likes increase awareness and increase your chances of getting noticed on YouTube and Google Search. So start a discussion through the video, the description and your own comments.

    8.) Add a transcript

    A transcript additionally supports your keywords and helps the video to be found on Google. Describe in your transcript what you want to say with your video or what message

    you want to convey with it.

    9.) Win subscribers

    On YouTube, you can build a large network of subscribers. When a user subscribes to your YouTube channel, your best video (based on likes and comments) automatically appears on his / her channel. Also, you should subscribe to as many users as you can, who are actively involved in Youtube, so that you can build a network peux á peux that can share, like and comment on your video.

    10.) Include other platforms

    YouTube should be used as a foundation. With DailyMotion, MyVideo, Vimeo or Break you can further increase your brand awareness. Although the log-in on Vimeo costs a flat rate,

    this platform can once again be an enormous boost to your video marketing strategy.

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