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23 Link Building Techniques for Your Ecommerce Site

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

23 Link Building Techniques for Your Ecommerce Site

Do you dream of placing your online store or ecommerce site on the first page of Google?

Discover the methods that I use and that allows you to get a steady flow of visitors to your site.

The techniques that I will show you are not better than other more classic ones like guest posting or the creation of original quality content, however, to set up this type of strategy takes time and I know from experience that ecommerce merchants do not have any.

Copy your competitors

Use majestic , ahrefs , or open site explorer and type the URL of your competitors. These tools will allow you to see the links that point to their site. By exploring these links you will be able to determine if your site deserves to appear on these pages. If this is the case, contact the webmaster to ask him to add your link.

Contact your manufacturers and suppliers

Many manufacturers have a website with a "our resellers" page. Just ask them to add your site.

Send your products to bloggers

Find bloggers who talk about your theme and contact them by offering to send them a product for them to test and write an article on their blog, accompanied by a link to your


Warning: it is important to send only products that you are sure they are quality because a self-respecting blogger will not say good of a product he did not appreciate.

Always try to contact bloggers in your league. If you are not yet well known in your field, do not turn to the large pro bloggers but rather to small bloggers who write for fun. To find bloggers you can use the site ontoplist which is very convenient.

Send your products to Youtubers

Good blogs are very good, but you have to live with with the times and now it's Youtube that works best for product reviews. You can contact the YouTubers exactly as you do for bloggers.

There are more and more Youtube channels specialized in product testing. It's exactly what you need and it's very easy to find them.

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of this technique, I suggest you watch these two channels:

Demo toys (21,000 subscribers and 14 million views)

TechNews & test (165,000 subscribers and 10 million views)

Participate in events

You probably participate in events (if not, you should). I'm not talking here about having a booth at the Toy Fair in Paris (though it would be a good idea if you have the budget) but rather to be present at events in your region / department / town and ask the organizers if they have an internet page with the list of participants. Have them add a link to your store on this page.


There is no question of sponsoring the Tour de France but being present locally. There are very often raffles around your home or office, just offer a few lots among your products and

ask in exchange that you are quoted on the site of the association that organizes it.

Sponsor a contest

If you can sponsor a local raffle, then you can do the same thing with contests on the net. Find blogs about your theme and organize from time to time contests with prizes to win. Ask them if you can offer some of your products in a future contest organized on the blog. Do not forget to ask for a link to your website on the contest page.

Local sites

The site of my town hall has a page with the list of companies in the town, I asked for a link and you?

There are all kinds of local sites on which you can appear, town hall, community of businesses, regional directories, etc.

You can also contact the online newspapers of the cities around you. The reporters of these small newspapers are always looking for new topics. ¨invite them to interview you, not forgetting, of course, to ask that they add a link to your site.

Render service

Of course you follow Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter accounts and other sites talking about your theme (if not already doing so, you should). It happens to everyone, even the best, to

make mistakes. It can be a link that does not work, an image that does not display, a misspelling, etc. When you see this type of error on one of the sites you regularly

follow report it to its owner.

If the problem was rather disabling or if you regularly raise small problems, there will come a time when it will be quite legitimate that you ask the author to return the favour by writing a few lines on you and adding a link to your site.

Create partnerships

There are necessarily online stores that offer complementary products to yours but not competitive. It may well be worthwhile for you to do a link partnerships with these shops.

Contact them and suggest that they appear on a page that you will call "shops to discover" (for example). Of course in exchange they will have to do the same.

Your "Shops to Discover" page should not have too many sites. A maximum of 5 or 7 stores seems about right. Of course in this type of partnership the exchange must be fair.

The page on which your shop will appear at your partner's must also not have too many links, be easily accessible and your partner's site must be the same level as yours in terms of domain authority.

Social networks

No, here I will not explain how to use social networks to bring traffic to your site. This will certainly be the subject of a future article but we are here to find solutions to get links quickly.

The fact is that social networks allow you to create profiles on which you can describe your activity and add links to your site.

Even if you do not intend to communicate on these networks, there is nothing stopping you from creating your profiles in advance. You can start with the three best-known ones

that are Google+, Facebook and Twitter, then continue with those in your theme.

Contact your best customers

To thank your best customers, you can send them a free product and ask them to test it. In return, they will write an article / test review on your product that you can publish on

your blog. Then ask them to talk about it on Facebook (and elsewhere). They will be responsive because they will obviously be very proud to have been asked to test your

products. You have just won an easy article on your blog and with a little luck a mini buzz!

Set up alerts

If you start to have a little reputation, it is quite possible that there will be mentions of you, your brand or your products on the internet. If so, you should contact people who are

talking about you or your brand and ask them to link to your store from the article they wrote.

To find this type of article more easily, I invite you to use the talkwalker tool that will allow you to set up alerts on the keywords that interest you.

Use your images

If you make your own photos and they are of quality, it is possible that other people have used them without informing you. If it is a competitor it will have to be dealt with, but otherwise, it is an opportunity for you to contact the person who uses one of your photos and ask him to link to your site. After all, they were not allowed to use your photo without your consent so that's the least.

First of all, I advise you to correctly fill your alt tags so that your images are easily found.

To find who uses your photos you can use Google's image search. Search your photo or simply enter its URL and Google will search for the corresponding images.

You can go one step further and encourage people to use your photos. To do this, post your photos on free image banks such as Flickr (licensed creative common). These image banks are widely used by bloggers looking for free images to illustrate their articles.

Find broken links

There are several ways to use broken links to your advantage, but the one I propose is the fastest.

Find blogs that talk about your topic, use ahrefs software to find broken links on these blogs. For each link that no longer works and that corresponds to the theme of your site, contact the author ask him if he can replace his broken link with a link to your site.

Find YOUR broken links

This time it is a question of finding the links which are already pointing towards you but which no longer work.

This happens when someone has already linked from their site to yours but the URL no longer exists.

How to do it? It's simple, go to your statistics and find the pages in error (404). Go back to the origin of these pages to find out which site made this link and contact the author with the new URL.

Introduce yourself on the forums

So I know, you're going to tell me the forums are great but participating is very time consuming. Indeed, and even though it's a great way to get traffic, it's not what I'm

going to talk about today.

The idea here is to take advantage of the fact that many forums allow you to introduce yourself. When you introduce yourself, it is quite legitimate to say that you are the owner of the site "" and therefore to add your URL.

In the same way, other forums propose to you to submit your site to the criticisms of the users. Not only is it a great way to get feedback on your site but again it allows you to add a link.

On social networks there are many groups and some are composed of thousands of users. If your products are likely to interest these communities, it is quite legitimate for you to leave a message with a link to your products from time to time.

Register on the directories

So supposedly the directories are dead. In fact, what most SEOs say is that the technique of registering heavily in directories no longer works and that is true. But for all that a directory of quality exists, because it allows to find sites on specific topics. It is therefore in your interest to find some directories (maximum 10) on which you can present your site.

Attention: it is essential to give importance to the quality of the directory, it should be in your theme, updated regularly, visually clean and have several months / years of existence.

To find them, it's very simple, type in Google "your keyword + directory"

Interview a blogger

Previously I suggested you send your products to bloggers for testing. But you will have trouble reaching bloggers with a bigger reputation than you. What you can do is offer them an interview that you post on your site. In exchange, just ask the blogger to link to this interview from his site.

Get interviewed

If it works in one way it will work in the other. You can search for sites where interviews are posted regularly and apply to be part of the guests. It is much simpler than it seems, just a properly written mail to easily get interviews and therefore links.

For example, I contacted by email the local radio interview site . He found my application interesting and in 1 hour on Skype we did the interview. Simple, fast effective!


As a trader you probably use services or products. The companies that offer them certainly have a site maybe even a "Customer Testimonials" page. Suggest that you write a testimonial that they will post on their page with a link to your site.

Enjoy the fall of your competitors

It happens that your competitors close shop. This is already good news for you but you can go even further by recovering their links as soon as their site is inaccessible. Go to ahrefs , explorer or majestic seo and type the URL of the site. You will get the list of links that point to him and therefore do not work anymore. Contact the webmaster and suggest that you replace the link to your competitor with yours.


I'm not going to ask you here to create your scoop. it page and keep it up to date because, once again, it takes time. On the other hand, there is a feature that you may not know about this site and that allows you to suggest content to the owners of scoop. it pages.

So go to scoop. it and do a search on the keywords corresponding to your shop (you must have an account). Locate pages with a good number of views and use the suggest function that is in the top left. If the author is looking for fresh content (and it is often the case) he will be happy to add your site to his page.


That's it, I have given you a whole series of tips for getting links. There are obviously hundreds or thousands of others. Let your imagination reign. But first and foremost I

wanted to focus on quick techniques to put in place.

However, before claiming or creating a link it is always important to ask if it will be of quality. Indeed, the latest Google updates have largely proven that poor links could greatly affect the SEO of a site .

You will find on the Internet many articles explaining what is a quality link. These articles can sometimes be quite technical or even undigestible if you do not have sufficient knowledge.

I have greatly simplified the thing, when I want to create a new link to my site I ask myself two questions:

1. "Can this link bring me some qualified visitors?"

2."Would I be ashamed to talk of my site on this page?"

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