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  • Wirya Hassan

25 Tips To Enlarge Your Email List

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

How to Build Email Lists

Today I start with a bad news ... Your email list shrinks by more than 20 percent each year. Just because.

Because your customers' addresses change as they move from one company to another. Or leave your e-mail distribution list. Or because they separate themselves from the old or or address, which they used anyway only to fill out web forms.

One of the tasks of a marketer is to keep gathering new contacts for your email marketing campaigns so the numbers will move up and not melt down on their own. The simplest solution would be to buy a list of e-mail addresses. But why that is also the worst at the same time, we'll cover on this blog shortly.

25 ideas on how to expand your email list quickly and cheaply

1. Create memorable content . The content of your e-mails must be outstanding so that your readers stay in the mailing list and, moreover, gladly forward your e-mails to colleagues and friends.

2. Encourage your current readers to share your marketing emails by incorporating buttons - for example, social media . Also include a call-to-action at the end of the emails.

3. Advertise in your e-mails an online contest, where they can, for example, win a giveaway (your imagination is the limit) if they have entered their e-mail address online and confirmed it.

4. Create different ways of building your mailing list. So you can send customized content. You remember the Buyer Persona , right? Readers prefer to click through e-mails when they are tailored to their interest or coincide with a personal event in their life.

5. Liven up your aging email list with an opt-in campaign. Send a polite and binding request to readers to confirm their e-mail address, along with a note that anyone who does not respond will be removed from the mailing list. Does it sound paradoxical to thin out the list so that it grows? Well, after all, only confirmed contacts are valuable contacts, right? And you deserve real interest!

6. Include a link in the signature of all of your employees, which leads readers directly to a landing page where they can sign up for your mailing list.

7. Prepare a new content offer, such as a brand new e-book or white paper, which readers can use by providing their email address. Keyword: Gated Content .

8. You can just as easily offer free online tools for download, for which the readers enter their e-mail address.

9. Promote your content offer on Twitter. Start a Twitter campaign to publicize an e-book, tool, and so forth that anyone interested can download when they enter their email address.

10. In addition, use your Facebook page to post an offer which interested parties will use by providing their email address. Do not forget to include sharing buttons on Landing Pages and Thank you Pages!

11. Build a call-to-action button right at the top of your Facebook page. By clicking on the button, the reader lands on a landing page, where he can enter his e-mail address. Facebook now has a range of possible CTA buttons, such as "Learn More", "Register" or "Download".

12. Post links to your content offerings that require them to submit an email address before downloading, in your LinkedIn and Xing profile, and where appropriate, for example in group discussions.

13. Do not shun Pinterest, even if you think your company does not have craft manuals. For example, pin pictures of your most successful e-book covers there. If they click on it, they will be taken to your website.

14. Do you have a corporate channel on YouTube? Fine! Then include calls-to-action and website links in your videos that invite viewers to sign in to your email list. Also, in the text description of the videos you ideally build links to suitable landing pages.

15. Also, do not forget to promote content offers including a request to submit the email address on your Google Plus page by using Google Plus Updates and the About Us page

on Google Plus.

16. Have the reader encounter a call-to-action on every subpage of your website. On every page, whether next to each blog entry, on the "About us" page, the contact page anyway, etc., there should be buttons with an action request.

17. If you are a guest author for another blog , then of course, include a call-to-action to register on your own blog, in your author's line.

18. Launch a campaign on a partner's website or email newsletter that opens up a new but appropriate source of email addresses.

19. Create a co-marketing offer with a partner, such as an e-book or webinar, and direct your prospects to register with their email address. After that, you will fairly exchange the addresses with your partner.

20. Continue to collect e-mail addresses at "offline events" such as trade fairs and maintain them in your database. Do not miss to send these recipients an opt-in welcome email.

21. Also offer offline events such as conferences, training workshops, expert meetings, hackathons ... where you can collect e-mail addresses.

22. Also, offer a webinar that requires an e-mail address to register.

23. Use online advertising that links to a landing page with the option to enter their email address.

24. Print a QR code on your print marketing material that leads to a landing page where prospects can subscribe to your email list.

25. You can also use traditional marketing campaigns, such as direct mailing, to encourage future customers to reveal their e-mail address so they can get the information

digitally into their mailbox. Short URLs are very practicable here.

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