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3 Flash Tips For Your B2B Blog

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

B2B Marketing Blog Tips

One of the biggest challenges around a b2b blog is certainly the regular writing and publishing. No matter how adept an author is - everyone lags behind their schedule at

some point.

How can the emptiness in the blogging pipeline be prevented? How can you fix and fill your B2B blog with confidence? I have three tips for you.

A blog is just a channel in B2B marketing, through which you can prove your expertise and win the trust of customers and prospects. Your B2B blog also serves as an important interaction hub for your website visitors.

Attract visitors with interesting and relevant blog posts and then lead them to further content offers. Embed forms on your way to your content offerings so that your prospect - and later lead - can leave essential contact information.

The usefulness of the topics and the regularity of the blog posts are the nuts and bolts, so that your interaction hub does not stand still. You can read about how you can collect the necessary content for your content offers for your company in this blog post.

Usually our top priority when blogging in the B2B area is always: take your time! Do not just post a blog post. Carefully research several sources. Mind your language. We still do not want to override this commandment, but sometimes it just has to be quick. So here are three tips that can help you:

1. Write first, then perfect

With the goal of providing the reader with an unbeatable added value, giving him new insights and underpinning their expertise, it is only understandable that you want to

weigh every single word. Rethink each punctuation mark. Push each formulation back and forth. This is of course a noble claim that I do not even want to excuse. Only - when the time is short, the perfectionism trap too often grabs. And that catches you cunningly.

Avoid this trap by first writing the complete text in raw form. And then take care of edges that need to be trimmed and tidied. Of course, under time pressure, you are prone to making typos,

using wrong grammar or meaningless punctuation marks in your text. But weed these out only at the very end. When the main work is done. After that, it's best to let a colleague read the text before finally clicking "Publish Now". Another, fresh pair of eyes gives you the security of being able to find faultless mistakes.

2. One or two key messages - no more

Of course, your blog posts should be long enough for search engines to recognize them as such. On the other hand, nobody reads too much text. Internet-based content, in particular, has to be convincing due to its brevity (while maintaining its content strength).

Therefore, breathe again before typing and be aware of which is the most important aspect you want to share with the readers. And then make it the core message that is not

watered down by a handful of other aspects.

On the one hand, this helps you to not "mess up" while writing. On the other hand, it also takes into account the aim of providing the reader with robust and tangible information. The clearer the focus of the text is, the more valuable your post is to the readers.

3. Find some reliable sources

This third tip requires some preparation from you. And makes the actual writing later all the faster. In order for your statements to be sound and reliable, the citation of equally reliable sources is excellent. However, if you only start with the research when the grains in the hourglass already threateningly trickle towards the deadline, the tight schedule is actually already blasted.

Therefore, next time when you have a small window of time, be on the lookout for strong sources of information in your industry. These can be printed publications, industry-

related news sites on the net or online research databases. From these sources, you can then draw spontaneous quotations, statistics and news, if you run out of time for your

company blog.

A real time saver: Newsletter subscriptions to topics of your department!

A b2b blog should be an integral part of marketing today.

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