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5 Link Building Tips to Rank Higher on Google

I give you 5 link building tips in this article that are guaranteed to improve your ranking on Google. Yes, Google still determines the position of your website for a large part, using the link profile. In theory, the more valuable backlinks you have, the higher you will be in Google.

But how do you get good backlinks?

# 1 Provide link-worthy content and you automatically get new backlinks, right?

Most people who start with link bulking forget the basics - link-worthy content. There is no better way of building your link profile than natural growth.

If you regularly share valuable information in the form of a blog, articles, videos or images, you give people a reason to link.

If you already have a twitter profile, facebook page or other channel make sure you share your new content.

The more reasons you give to link, the faster you will get there. Make sure you make something so useful to your visitors that other websites have to link to it.

Do you have to put thousands of words on paper for that?


As long as you add something valuable to the internet.

We regularly see that small items also have a good ranking in Google .

How come?

The information value plays an important role in this. There are articles with only 120 words and ranking at first position of first page on Google.

Now there are plenty of online marketers who want you to believe that you have to write thousands of words to get to the top of Google.

I've just pointed out to you that this is the biggest nonsense!

How you use link bait as a strategy for link-worthy content

Linkbait is publishing content in any form. The content is mainly aimed at provoking a viral effect. You throw out your line, as it were, in the hope that people will eat.

Linkbait can be a great way to get into the publicity. The beauty of this way of marketing is that it can even be free.

Be creative in the form of text, images, videos or audio clips. A successful linkbait campaign provides hundreds of backlinks and thousands of visitors!

Tips for a booming link bait campaign

• Make a list of valuable tips, most frequently made mistakes or frequently asked questions

• Interview an important person from your niche.

• Publish an investigation / test that has not yet been performed.

• Be the first to see when there are new developments in your market.

• Give away something valuable for free.

• Make use of humour.

• Offer free tools for your visitors.

• Make sure your linkbait can be easily shared (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.).

• View other link bait campaigns.

• Use infographics.

• If you process digits, opt for natural digits (13 - 16 instead of 10-15).

• Start a blog and share your knowledge and expertise .

• Start a contest or competition.

# 2 Use the correct Anchor text and avoid a Google Penalty

Since the Google Penguin update , the correct use of anchor texts has been one of the most important criteria for compiling a natural link profile. You will have to vary the use of

anchor texts in your profile.

What is an anchor text?

This refers to the text that is visible when you create a link to another page. For example, if you link to the page " what is link building" with these same words then "what is link building" is the anchor text.

Appearance of anchor text

• the anchor text is always clickable

• often the anchor text is underlined

• often the text of the link has a different colour, usually this is blue

How do you get a good variation in your link profile?

A good variation of your anchor text is important for a good and natural link profile . You get this by using four different types of anchor texts:

• based on brand

• based on URL

• based on keyword

• based on link behaviour

Four different types of anchor texts for your backlinks:

Based on brand

With this form of linking you use the complete, or a variation of your company name, for the anchor text. If necessary, enter your company name with locations, products or


Based on URL

Here you use the URL as the basis. - -

Based on keyword

With this form of anchor texts you use the keyword you want to be found . Make sure that your keywords alternate and that this form of anchor texts only fills a small part of

your link profile.

Based on link behaviour

In the past when SEO was not such a familiar subject, we all linked with "read more", "click here", "more information" etc. Linking to your own website in this way was strongly discouraged for a while.

Nevertheless, we see this form of link builging more and more. This is because it indicates a natural link profile.

In short ...

Make sure that you sufficiently alternate the anchor texts. The less you send, the more natural it becomes.

# 3 Provide relevance and forget pagerank

Internet is full of link building packages and articles about getting backlinks with a high pagerank .

Although a link from a page with a high pagerank is certainly good in your link profile, you can focus on relevance.

If you only get links from websites with a high pagerank (or page authority) then this is suspicious. Google will then quickly examine your link profile.

If your profile only consists of irrelevant links from high pagerank pages, it will ultimately cost you ranking.

If Google finds out that you bought your links, then you're hanging out anyway.

# 4 Vary your link building strategy

Having links from various channels contributes to a healthy link profile. Choose your channels carefully.

Do not be tempted by clear, paid links or link farms (websites with hundreds to thousands of links).

Choose a varied profile, links from social media, blogs, forums, articles or start pages.

# 5 Use the easiest and most powerful backlinks

Internal links are extremely important for your website.

Internal links provide:

• Value distribution

• Crawler (google bot) convenience

• Ease of use

• Better visitor time

• Low bounce rates

But internal links are also very important for your link building.

The value distribution of your website runs according to a logical hierarchy. The more linked to the page, the higher it is on the ladder.

The more links there are to a page, the more valuable it becomes. If you understand this correctly, you can start with strategic link building.

Collecting backlinks is part of search engine optimization (SEO) which can go wrong soon.

Link building is exhausting, difficult, annoying and frustrating. It is never as fast as you would want it to be. Collecting backlinks will therefore only be fun if you also see results.

Do you want better results via link building? Then do the following ...

Provide valuable content .

When you present valuable content to other webmasters, you are more likely to get a link. In addition, Google will continue to evaluate and valuable content will become more and more central.

Do not forget to link to yourself when writing articles. Having outbound links increases the chances of backlinks from others. And do not forget the internal links.

Promote your content

Think of every page on your website that people can only link if they know that the page exists.

Promote your articles in your industry. Be active on Twitter, Facebook and other social channels.

Place your messages on press sites such as or well-known forums in your industry.

There is always a channel that you can use for your promotion. Think of answering questions on advisory sites, LinkedIn groups or for example the website of the Chamber of


You can also simply view the topic of your latest blog article on Google and see what other websites mention. You will be amazed at the possibilities that are available.

Let others do the work

Think of a playful action or quiz and let others do the work for you. Make others talk about you. For example, enter into a discussion with a well-known member in your field of business

or be the first to receive the latest news.

Use the authority of your "competitors"

Do not just focus on your own website. Use your knowledge and experience on other websites to provide visitors with valuable content. This brings new visitors to your

website, gives you a greater reputation and perhaps also a valuable link.

Use the authority of others by, for example, leaving comments or by writing a guest post yourself.

Outsource link building?

Of course, you can always consider outsourcing the link. After all, you have something better to do than to search for that one backlink for days.

If you decide to outsource link building, always do good research.

I regularly receive horror stories from people who outsourced the link building to link builders. After having spent hundreds or even thousands of euros, they have not risen

any position, but have just dropped!

Always look out with which search engine marketing agency you are working!

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