• Wirya Hassan

7 Big Benefits of Online Advertising

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Here are the 7 advantages of online advertising:

1. Increase your reach

Offline media has a big problem. They are severely limited by restrictions. Of course, a newspaper with a certain circulation can only be read by people who actually hold this physical medium in their hands.

An internet publication is free in nature. It knows no circulation restrictions and can theoretically be read by more people than would be possible for a newspaper due to regional restrictions. This gives you the opportunity from your current location, without any major problems, to theoretically reach everyone in the world. Your potential target group will thus grow by a large amount of people.

2. Find your target audience

The Internet has the property of networking people with similar interests. For example, people can meet on the Internet who share a hobby, a fondness or a world view. This network effect creates great opportunities for your company. Your target group can thus be further refined and actually targeted.

For example, suppose your target group of 50-year-old university graduates has a penchant for fast cars. This group would be hard to find using analogue media, as there are not many conservative media tailored to this group. In this case, one would have advertised in related art journals and taken a shotgun approach. On the net, finding this group is no longer impossible thanks to modern social media services. Users indicate their interests and personal data in networks. These can be used to personalize the advertising on this network. So you have the opportunity in the modern web to woo many target groups that were previously difficult to locate.

3. You are not limited to individual media

The internet offers you unimagined possibilities. Due to their natural limitations, offline media did not offer so many creative possibilities. For example, a newspaper can display text and images, but not videos, animations, or sounds. The possibilities that are given are thus limited. On the Internet, a media mix is possible. The combination of different types of media communication is easily possible and so you can illustrate an advertising campaign using text, images and music or video and text. The space available is another benefit - larger than that in the offline world. The Internet is designed to be constantly expanding and can easily evolve better than a print medium.

4. Linkage of advertising and product

Advertising is done to create cravings for products or services. Once the desire is created, the path to buying a product is still far. You lead them to the store and that's the potential inhibition threshold. On the other hand, if you look at Internet advertising, the product is usually just a click away. The problems that arise when feeding the cravings are reduced. The product can be directly linked with the advertising and the user can proceed to the purchase of the product by simply clicking on the advertisement. Advertising and the purchase of a product move closer together.

5. Online advertising provides accurate monitoring

A major disadvantage of an offline campaign is the impossibility of closely monitoring successes. If you send, for example, direct mail or television advertising, you get little feedback from the recipient. The reader / viewer is naturally far away and cannot tell you what he favours or dislikes immediately. In social networks, with the help of good social media monitoring, it is possible to identify what is said or discussed when and where about you or your company. You'll get immediate feedback and opinions on your campaigns so you can respond directly. This gives you the opportunity to customize your advertising to the customer.

6. Flexibly tailor your campaign to the potential customer

The monitoring option just described gives you the opportunity to adapt campaigns to the needs of the target group even after they have started. If one thinks of advertising in magazines, on billboards or on television, the possibilities of retrospective adjustment of an advertising medium are hardly or not at all present. If an ad is switched and in circulation, it is no longer editable. By contrast, online advertising can easily be adapted to the needs of potential customers even after the project has started, thus revealing the possibility of counteracting in critical phases of a campaign. You enjoy a high degree of flexibility.

7. Invest in the future

The living space of many people is moving ever closer to the Internet. Here already a large part of the social contacts takes place. In Facebook, on YouTube or Twitter many millions of people are organized in networks. Here, in my opinion, the advertising of the future will begin. Offline advertising will always have its place and its entitlement, but cannot and will not be in a position to compete with Internet advertising due to the high relevance, refined targeting and immediacy of the latter. Invest in the future, invest in online advertising.


Online advertising is a market of the future. The advantages listed speak for themselves and place them in strong competition with analogue, conventional advertising. Which method is the one with the greatest chance for the future, the advertiser must decide for themselves. And you also have to decide which alternative is the one that suits you better and whether this method fits in optimally with your company.

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