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AdWords: 5 SEA Tips For Successful Text Ads

Search engine advertising (SEA) is a fast and effective way to attract visitors to your website.

The success of an SEA campaign depends on several factors. An important part of this is the ad text.

That's why I give you 5 tips for writing a good ad text.

SEA tip 1: Keywords

The relevance of your advertisement is very important. The relevance determines your Quality Score and thus your Ad Rank in Google. Therefore, write a specific ad text that

is as specific and relevant as possible.

You do this by listing the keywords of your campaign in the advertising titles, the url paths and the advertisements themselves.

Do not know which keyword you should use for your campaign? To choose the right keyword, I recommend that you use the Google AdWords Keyword planner . This tool helps you find the right keywords.

SEA tip 2: Unique selling points (USPs)

A unique selling point, also known as USP, describes the unique properties of a product or service. This distinguishes your product or service from your competitors.

It is important to mention the USPs of your product or service in the ad text, because it makes the benefits of your product clear to your target group. This can for example be quality, functionality or price.

Another USP may be that you do not charge shipping costs, that you have a lot of products in stock or that users will have the item delivered to their tomorrow if they order by a specific time.

SEA tip 3: Call-to-action (CTA)

A call-to-action means that you encourage a potential customer to perform a specific action after reading your ad. An example of a call-to-action is "order online", "download whitepaper", or "request a quote". It is important to state in your ad text what is possible and what the next step should be.

SEA tip 4: Landing page

The page your ad is pointing to is the landing page. Each ad must lead to a relevant landing page so that the visitor sees the right information after clicking on an ad.

It is important to choose a landing page that matches the ad because it has a beneficial effect on your Quality Score. A good landing page provides more information about

your product or service. The landing page should also include a call-to-action such as "buy now", "register", or "download".

SEA tip 5: Mobile devices

Nowadays, more searches are made from a mobile than from a desktop. To give mobile users a good user experience, it is important to optimize not only your website but also

your SEA ads for mobile devices.

The possibilities via mobile are slightly different than via the desktop. Two interesting options are the location extension and the call extension.

• The location extension helps users find your location by displaying your address, a route to your location or the distance to your company.

• A call extension is also displayed with your ad and allows people to click on a button that allows them to call your business directly. This often provides valuable leads.

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