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B2B Advertising On Facebook

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

B2B advertising on facebook has been an integral part of online marketing for some time now. So every B2B company should develop and implement a social media strategy.

A successful appearance on Facebook and Co. always includes advertising. And this can be targeted very precisely today. That's why targeted advertising on Facebook makes sense

for every B2B company. In the following article you will learn the most important steps for B2B advertising campaigns on Facebook and their success factors.

Why use B2B advertising on facebook

B2B Advertising on Facebook is especially worthwhile for companies. The reasons are simple: Facebook advertising for B2B is proactive, target groups can be precisely defined, the number of users is very high, even B2B customers use Facebook and the advertising is displayed to the defined target group.

It is often forgotten that even in B2B companies people decide. And after work, a lot of these decision-makers move mainly on Facebook. The chances that your ads will be read

by B2B customers are therefore good.

Facebook advertising is also excellent for B2B's. How to advertise successfully on Facebook? You can find the answer here.

How to better take advantage of B2B advertising on facebook in your B2B campaigns

With almost 2 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social network and one of the easiest way to connect with consumers, regardless of what type of product or service we are talking about.

Consumers, your consumers, who you must never forget that they are people, are there. They probably spend less time on Facebook than a teenager or a housewife, but that does not mean that it is a "little used" network.

Facebook has been at work developing new opportunities for Inbound marketing for B2B, being able today to help you:

  • Educate all your audiences and increase the level of expectation of your brand

  • Reach quickly and effectively decision makers of companies, building an efficient database.

  • Nurture leads that are already inside your sales funnel

  • Locate leads that are ready to be served by your sellers through this channel.

How to improve b2b campaigns with paid advertising? What b2b marketing strategy really drives the paid promotion of certain content on social networks?

For some time, I was reluctant to see Facebook as a highly effective channel for this type of company. However today, after much experimentation, I am convinced of its value.

Why? There are 4 reasons to continue believing:

1. It is the best way to get through a Smartphone

When people search for information on their smartphones, they do it on Facebook or Instagram, instead of going directly to Google to surf the web and ask questions.

A prestigious study confirmed that of every 5 minutes that are "consumed" by browsing a phone, globally, one of them goes on Facebook. And for this we must consider that more

than half of users browse exclusively on their phone .

It allows you to create a positioning and make your brand more recognized, boost the traffic of your website and in this way accelerate your organic growth.

2. It's a good place to share content

Since 2014 Facebook has been taking important steps to become a platform that allows sharing content in a much friendlier and more efficient way.

The content generated by the users is low. The increase of native advertising, videos, business articles and news are growing by leaps and bounds.

If we take into account that Facebook defeats Google as a source of information in the last 5 years, there are enormous advantages for B2B companies, which now use their Inbound Marketing campaigns to create and share content with the aim of obtaining new leads.

Facebook can be your main channel for lead nurturing campaigns. By retargeting people who have already searched for information on your website, you can direct your advertising to them and achieve an increase in their conversions to take them to the decision making process.

3. Achieve the best connection with professionals and executives

The profile of Facebook has incorporated employee type and title since 2014. Today there are more options to reach your target than before, including classifications by size of companies, by function in the company and even by industry. That helps B2B companies to connect faster with decision makers.

Are you one of those who believe that professionals use Facebook during work hours? I also thought like that a few years ago, but I have been convinced otherwise.

Especially when you see serious studies like the one of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States that verifies that, in the case of directors of companies, at least one hour of the working day goes in review of social networks . This opens wider opportunities to reach your specific audience, even if they are managers or directors of companies.

Optimize your ads to reach those companies that you already know meet the profile, and not only that to the people in the right position that will allow you to advance in your commercial process and may even be decision makers.

4. It is the platform with the best cost-benefit ratio for your advertising

The cost of online advertising depends on many factors, including the type of ad you're running and the goal of your campaign. But Facebook is recognized in the digital marketing industry for having one of the lowest cost per click (CPC) on the Internet.

The question is: how do companies need to use B2B advertising on Facebook in a profitable way?

Analyse the return on investment (ROI) generated by Facebook: how much are you spending on this platform? How many visits, leads, and customers does it bring? and maximise the return on the initial investment by optimizing your paid advertising, do not do it just because it is what you have to do, make sure you do it right.

Having a Facebook page is not enough, especially taking into account that the ads you post on the platform allow you to reach people even if you do not have a previous connection. Here are three powerful Facebook tools to use to your advantage:

Facebook's Custom Audiences

This allows you to find Facebook users according to corporate email addresses. Marketing managers can cross some of their leads with these Facebook lists and only reach those people through much more focused ads. The best thing is that these ads help conversions at the lowest price, because you're getting them with the kind of interesting content they need.

Lookalike Audiences

This allows you to create a new audience based on the characteristics of your current followers, which is a good option to generate much better quality leads.

Offsite Pixel Coding

Offsite Pixel Coding is a tool that allows you to quickly reach the pages that previously took longer to track, quickly enabling retargeting, which is to re-contact those executives who had previously visited one or more pages of your website through a Facebook Ad and who performed a specific action without achieving the conversion.

It's an incredible way to nurture all the leads that have shown interest in your products or services or have seen something very particular on your site several times.

This tool generates a database of people who already knew you but have not managed to perform the action you want. These data are the ones you can use to create personalized content and send it to those who have a specific question.

The business account for your B2B advertising on facebook

Once there is a separate account for the Business Manager, the company profiles will be added there. It's quick and easy with a few clicks. Unfortunately, it is not mentioned in advance that these B2B profiles cannot easily be removed from the account. Once the link is established, you can no longer connect the profile to other business accounts.

It can only be removed by deleting the business account. Do you know more here? Do you have an insider tip that we do not know about yet? Then you are welcome to share it

with us.

Facebook Pixel: How do I use it for my B2B audience?

In addition to the specially created B2B target groups, you can also create a custom audience, as well as Lookalike audience. Custom Audience are audiences that have

triggered certain events or been imported from a customer file. For reasons of data protection, it is usually more questionable in B2B companies to upload customer files in

Facebook. Therefore, this option should be excluded here. In order to create an event-based custom audience, it is necessary to integrate the Facebook pixel into your own website.

This covers every scenario: including "shopping cart dropouts", "shop customers", "visitors" and much more. That alone is an incredible targeting opportunity. It gets even more interesting when a Lookalike Audience is created by a Custom Audience. In this case, Facebook looks for and appeals to people similar to Custom Audience. For example,

people with the same characteristics as shop customers are addressed. This also benefits B2B companies.

How should a B2B Campaign be structured?

As soon as the B2B target groups are created, it quickly becomes apparent that many individual advertisements can arise. In order to be consistent here, it is best always to

work and name according to the same pattern. For each goal, only one B2B campaign is created. Of course, differences can still be made between the channels (Facebook /

Instagram). Below the B2B campaign are the ad groups. Here the target groups, placements and the budget are set. In the lowest level "advertisements" can be tested with

different texts and images, which appeals to the target group particularly.

How to avoid likes from the Arab world?

In fact, these are often fake profiles. The catch: Unfortunately, this cannot be completely avoided. Nevertheless, you can try two settings to put a stop to these likes: The error is often in the target group setting: Always make sure to select the language. In addition, the location of the B2B audience should not be determined by "everyone in this place," but by "people living in that place."

Advertising goals: What do they mean for a B2B marketer?

There are three categories which all goals fall into: awareness, consideration, and conversions. Below are eleven destinations from which one is selected in the first step.

These goals influence the billing type. So for which action should be paid for and on what Facebook optimizes the delivery: more impressions or more clicks? In addition, it is decided here if the ad is also played on Instagram. Among the goals of traffic, business visits, and product catalog sales, B2B ads cannot be recorded on Instagram.

B2B advertising on facebook: Ad targeting

How to create the right B2B target group?

Within the Business Manager there are numerous tools. It is important to always make sure that you work in the correct advertising account. This will be displayed at the top left below the menu.

One of the most important areas is the object library. Among other things, precise target groups for your B2B advertising on facebook can be created here. It is located under "Elements / Audience".

Under "Stored Target Groups" numerous characteristics of the target person are depicted. These should be used in any case! In addition, it is advantageous to work specifically and with more granularity.

The B2B targeting on facebook should only address an age range of about 10 years, be male or female, and have their own characteristics. Only in this way can B2B advertising on facebook be targeted and ad accounts controlled.

Reporting and monitoring

Trust is good, control is better: check how well your ads are running. Even if they perform badly, do not delete them first. On the contrary: Every ad should be tested first.

From the resulting values then draw the appropriate conclusions. Even if it is hard. Stay patient. In the long term, your efforts pay off.

The longer Facebook ads are served and the more tested within a B2B audience, the better you get to know them. The relevance factor in the "Ads" level makes it easy to see

which ad is performing well. If the value at the beginning is not immediately above five, that's not a problem. Gradually, a feeling develops and the value gets better. Here

it is like so often: Testing, testing, testing!


B2B advertising on facebook offers companies an enormous opportunity. With versatile targeting options, every target group can be found and reached.

With a little practice, individual advertisements and entire B2B campaigns are implemented and played out faster and faster. Dare: Social media offers many possibilities as a fully fledged marketing tool. You should use them.

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