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Best Time To Send Email

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Best Time to Send Email

What is the best time to send email? Find out here. To operate successful email marketing, many different factors must be considered . So not only the content, the design or the subject line of an email play an important role, but also the delivery time.

Often, the topic of the best time to send email raises most questions for email marketers. But why does the email delivery time matter so much? How do I know when the best delivery time for my customers and email recipients is? When exactly should I send my email campaigns? What should I pay attention to? The answers to this question can be found in this article.

Why is email delivery so crucial?

The timing of your email delivery plays an important role in the success of your email marketing and should always be well thought out. Because the right moment of the

delivery decides whether your newsletter subscribers and customers read your emails or not.

The wrong time has a negative effect on your opening rates and, of course, on your

click-through and conversion rates. As a result, even a great emailing campaign with interesting content will not do much if sent out at the wrong time.

If you send transactional emails , then the subject of email delivery time is even more important. In this case, the email must be sent immediately. With other autoresponders and here in particular with multi stage serial emails the same principle applies as with the normal marketing Emails : the optimal Email delivery time is decisive.

How to find the perfect time for your email delivery

Determining a perfect delivery time often turns out to be difficult and cannot be determined for the general public. The right time to send email varies from company to company, depending on the audience and customers you want to promote. Therefore, it is important to start with a detailed audience and customer analysis. That's the only way to find out when the majority of your recipients are online, making purchases, and when the interest in opening and reading an email is greatest.

Determine when your customers are active on your website and when most online purchases are completed. Depending on the activity of your target group, the best delivery time can be identified. The way of life of your customers, the job, the place of residence or the sex can also provide information about the opening and reading behaviour. For example, a student opens their emails at a different time than, say, a businessman.

In addition, two types of customers, B2B and B2C customers emerge when determining the correct email delivery time.

B2B customers

Since B2B campaigns are often read during working hours, it makes sense to send an email during normal working hours. Care should be taken not to land in the recipient's mailbox during peak hours. On Monday morning, for example, there are many emails in the mailbox of your customers that have accumulated over the weekend.

The danger here is that your email will go down or be deleted in the clean-up. Similarly, on Friday afternoon; at this time, most of your recipients, at least with their heads in the weekend, will most likely never open your emails.

It is better to send the email campaign shortly after the lunch break. During this time, most recipients have already completed their most important tasks and spend more time

reading their emails. In addition, especially after a long break, employees tend to look through the email inbox. In an international company with multiple locations, there

may be a time lag. Colleagues in London, Lisbon or New York who are just arriving in the office start answering the questions from their colleagues who sit further east.

Particularly the times between 3 pm and 4 pm have proven themselves in email marketing with B2B customers. The employee has already done most of his work, important meetings

have already taken place and the absorption capacity has dropped dramatically (the famous afternoon low). All these factors often lead to an increase in email opening and click-through rates.

When delivering B2B emails, it can generally be said that the best delivery time is between the days of Tuesday and Thursday. Monday mornings, Friday afternoons and weekends, on the other hand, sending emails is rather sub-optimal.

B2C customers

The best time to send email campaigns to B2C customers is very different from the optimal email delivery times of B2B campaigns. Unlike B2B customers, all days of the week are basically suitable for sending emails.

You can achieve particularly good opening rates if you send your emails early in the morning or late in the evening during the week. At this point, many of your B2C customers are on their way to work or at home and are getting the time to read emails.

Just as well, Sunday is a good day to send e-mail. On Sunday, your B2C customers like to surf the Internet, and online shops in particular are usually well visited on this day. Of course, there is also the interest to receive larger marketing emails with discounts or product recommendations.

Tip: The weather also affects your optimal email delivery time. Therefore, please take into account the meteorological conditions when planning your email delivery. With blue skies and sunshine, most of the recipients are not at home reading their emails, but enjoying the beautiful weather and doing something with friends and families.

Try different delivery times

The analysis of your target audience and the general tips are a rough guideline that will guide you to your optimal email delivery time. However, that does not help if you do not test your email marketing campaigns .

Try different delivery times and send your email campaign to different parts of your email list at different times. And then change the days of your delivery accordingly and find the time that is optimal for you and your target group. In retrospect, you then have the benefit of statistics to identify the delivery time with the highest opening rate as well as the highest click rates.

In summary, identifying the right email delivery time is a lot of work and requires a lot of A / B testing . But it's worth it! This is the only way to ensure that your emails are opened.

Spontaneous sending of emails at any time will not result in the long-term success for your email marketing. Therefore, think about your delivery time very well and pay attention to the differences that the sending of emails to B2B and B2C customers brings with it.

Have you already found the best time to send email? What experiences have you had? Share them in a coment.

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