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Collect Email Addresses for Newsletter from Facebook

This article looks at how to collect email addresses using Facebook. Learn your options now!

You want to increase the number of your recipients? One possibility would be the integration of social media. For example, Facebook.

How do you collect email addresses through Facebook?

Facebook is a great tool to get your followers and some new users to subscribe to your newsletter.

Let's see together what social media offers. Before you begin, remember: To add a user to your mailing list, you will need the consent of each recipient after the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018.

Your free options

• Write contributions with a link to the registration form

• Insert a CTA button

• Download the integration for Facebook

Your paid options

• Use advertising on Facebook

• Use Facebook Lead Ads

Write contributions with a link to the registration form

A good strategy which is made clear by the fact that it is inexpensive and can be used multiple times. You can, for example, write articles in which the presence of a newsletter is


In the post you can enter a link pointing to the registration form on your website.

To make your contribution more interesting, you can insert pictures or videos. This will preview the newsletter and encourage the reader to subscribe. An inviting description

communicates all the benefits the recipient receives when subscribing to the newsletter.

Insert a CTA button

Another option that does not incur additional costs is to insert a CTA (Call to Action) button. Via the button, the readers can access your landing page and subscribe to the newsletter.

The only obstacle is that the CTA buttons are only available on advertising mail, not standard mail. There is a solution for this: CTAs can be inserted into a post containing a video. You can upload a short promotional video about your services or the content of the newsletter and add the "Subscribe" button.

Download the integration for Facebook

The e-mail marketing software you use should give you the opportunity to integrate the newsletter registration form into your Facebook page. That way, you can customize the

form and place it on your social media page.

Use advertising on Facebook

On Facebook, for a fee, you can promote a post you have written. With this option you can increase the number of subscribers to the newsletter, as the advertisement is not only displayed to them, but also to new potential stakeholders.

When you write an ad on Facebook, you can actually select your "recipients" by entering the geographical area where the post is to be viewed and the type of people you want to reach (interest, work, Older).

It is recommended that you emphasize the advantage of a registration or subscription when advertising on Facebook. You may have a freebie for your new customers that you can use there.

Use Facebook Lead Ads

Another paid option from Facebook is lead ads. These are ads that are different from other ads, because instead of linking the ads to your website, the registration form

opens directly in the Facebook app. In this form the users can enter data like:

• Name on Facebook

• E-mail address

• Gender, age, place of residence and other information from Facebook.

The potential recipients just have to click "Submit" to subscribe to the newsletter. This method is very intuitive and fast and allows you to collect new recipients in minutes.

By pressing the "Submit" button, the person automatically accepts the privacy policy of the company, which must be linked to the registration form. The legislation of Facebook rightly states that it is not possible for companies to resell or redirect customer data obtained via Facebook Lead Ads.

The content of Facebook posts and ads

In any case, it is important to invite readers with posts or private messages to subscribe to the newsletter. You can offer "tangible" benefits that go beyond the company's latest news. For example, write posts that alert them to discount coupons, a white paper, or e-books that the potential recipient receives when they sign up for the newsletter. In order to enter the email address in your mailing list, you must obtain the consent of the recipient.

One last and important tip: Double-Opt-In

Whether you use the CTA button or the registration form, it is important that you use the Double Opt-In procedure . The recipient receives a confirmation email after submitting his data. In this mail is a confirmation link that the recipient must click to sign up for the newsletter. Only then you may send further mailings to the recipient. In this way, only the really interested readers register.

There are several ways that you can incorporate Facebook into your newsletter marketing. No matter which variant you choose, in the end it is important that you have collected the new e-mail addresses legally through the double-opt-in procedure. This will allow you to communicate with your recipients with the latest news and offers. Try it now!

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