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Content Marketing Is More Than An Active Blog

Ever since Google's quality updates, content marketing has been on everyone's lips and was certainly one of the key trends in 2012. In the Internet world, the importance of high quality content for a good position in the search results has been around, but few are aware of how far the Term "content marketing" can be applied.

It does not always have to be the classic blog with relevant high quality content. Depending on the company's audience and market environment, there are a variety of ways to create content that not only benefits your own rankings, but also promotes customer loyalty, increases conversions, and boosts reputation.

A large number of companies now operate blogs that are more or less professional and successful. To stand out from the sheer confusing variety of corporate and thematic blogs,

creative solutions are required that are tailored to the target group and their own market environment.

Below is a small overview as an inspiration, which offers a wide variety of possibilities for the content marketing company as a supplement or even as an alternative to the blog:

Email Marketing:

Over-reliance on Google and organic (or paid) search results can be dangerous. Despite experience and strategic action as defined by Google's policies, it can never be completely ruled out to suffer traffic loss through future updates. The higher the proportion of traffic that Google takes of the overall traffic, the greater the consequences that a ranking loss entails.

The only solution: alternative traffic sources. The most important sources are, in addition to the direct access and the references from other websites, is access via anewsletter.

An extensive list of interested subscribers can lead to a not inconsiderable amount of traffic. Reason enough to recognize email marketing as an important content marketing channel and to invest in the production of high-quality, unique content for the newsletter.

E-books and white papers:

Free downloads with real added value for the target group can serve both to attract new newsletter subscribers and to prove your own competence and authority and to acquire backlinks.

For example, a white paper can address a specific problem of the target group and describe by example how it can be solved. Service providers can provide their clients with tutorials to help themselves.

The possibilities are almost unlimited and depend heavily on the market segment of the company. Everything that is helpful for interested parties and existing customers can be a useful measure in content marketing.


A proprietary market survey of the target audience is of interest to both the press and other market segment companies or related industries. An alternative is case studies, which show how a particular product or service helped a customer and which concrete successes were achieved.

Online courses, seminars and conferences:

In addition to downloads, online courses can be an effective marketing tool. An easy way is to send interested parties a multi-part course by email, who in turn at the same time sign up for a newsletter (from which they can of course unsubscribe at any time). Here's how to optimize the newsletter signup.

Courses are particularly effective when referring to specific products or services of the company without being too obvious. For example, part of the course might describe how to solve a particular problem more effectively with paid software, or advanced solutions that require some expert knowledge.

More elaborate are online courses or virtual conferences, which are recorded as video or podcasts or live seminars, to which interested parties (free or paid) can register.


Especially for manufacturing companies, videos can be an essential part of the content strategy.

Video in content marketing offers many possibilities. For example, Potential customers learn the advantages of a product or can choose the most suitable model based on product comparisons. Existing customers learn how to use a product, what features it has, how it is cleaned, repaired, or used for less obvious uses. Representatives of the press will be introduced to the company in a company presentation.

Offline content:

Strictly speaking, content marketing does not even have to limit itself to the online world. A paper newsletter or a customer magazine can also be part of a content strategy and complement the online activities.

In summary: Content marketing can be seen as a great staple to a multitude of different creative measures that focus on the content. The media through which this content is

made available to existing and potential customers as well as other interested parties are as diverse as the field of online marketing itself.

Further ideas and approaches to the topic of content marketing can be found for example at Copyblogger.

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