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Content That Converts: How You Let People Click Or Buy

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

How to Write SEO Optimized Content

A few years ago there was a simple recipe for content marketing that consisted of the following steps:

  • You wrote a content blog article

  • You put a call to action under the blog

  • You optimized the article for Google

  • You shared the article on social media (perhaps to the point of annoyance)

And hey presto! There was your audience that downloaded something good, subscribed to your newsletter or made a purchase.

Unfortunately, this technique does not work as simple as it seems above. The world has changed and so much content is now being published that it is much more difficult to

reach an audience with content.

Scoring in Google with (improper) tricks is now mercilessly punished and turns against you because Google will not show your website or at a much lower position. Here are 241 ways to rank higher in Google legitimately. On social media, everyone is completely drowsy by the constant bombarment with well-intentioned advice and articles, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to be seen there.

The result of all this is that many people feel that they are doing something wrong with content marketing because it yields less than they expected. And maybe that is also

true and they do something wrong ...

Causes of failing content

If you use content marketing, you want as many people as possible to read your articles, preferably until the end. You also want them to take further action. For example, they subscribe to your newsletter, follow your company on social media or click on a link for more information about a service or product.

If that does not happen or too little, it can have one or more of the following causes.

  • Your content is thirteen in a dozen

  • Too many people write about the same thing.

  • Your content is for information. People use the information or knowledge that you share, say thank you in thoughts and are gone again.

  • You promote your content too little. Do not trust Google, bring your content to the attention in relevant places.

  • Your content does not suit your goals

Do not publish to reach as large an audience as possible, but choose specific topics that really appeal to your audience. Rather less public, but very focused so that they do convert.

Content that converts

Internet is full of tips about creating attractive content. Tips for titles, tips for texts, tips for images, vlog and blog tips, podcast tips, seo tips. Sigh. Usually you cannot see the forest through the trees anymore. Actually, this only concerns preconditions and the form of your content:

Yes, your content must be well written or produced.

Yes, a funny, controversial or well-descriptive title helps, as well as attractive images or well-produced videos.

Yes, it is true that video marketing, podcasts and webinars are more noticeable, because they are (now) less used. Until this content market becomes saturated and the competition is just as big as with written content.

All guidelines with a high "well duh" content. But what then is wisdom?

First of all, stop making thirteen in a dozen content!

Thirteen in a dozen content ideas are easy to recognize before you realize them. They are motivated by generic keyword searches: 'Hey, this is where 1,400 people search every month, that's what I want to be found on'. Looking at keyword volumes is not wrong at all, wrong looking is.

On some keywords you want to be found and for that you make good web pages. But around it are content pages that are not generic, but which form a good extension to the generic search terms and that give you the opportunity to distinguish yourself. That is content that has not been made much of it yet. A check in Google will quickly show you if that is the case.

You can distinguish yourself in many ways. For example because you have a specific way of writing or talking. Because you have something special to report that others are not yet doing. Because you offer a mix of forms in your article with, for example, video, infographics and Slideshare. Because you go deeper into the matter.

Also create service-oriented content and not just informative content

Sharing knowledge is one thing. But then you run the risk that your visitor consumes, copies, marks or downloads your content and disappears. Instead, it is smart to offer more service-oriented content in addition to informative content. Offer a handle for a next step and also show how your company can help with that.

Take position!

By proclaiming a clear opinion, you may repel people, but you certainly attract people too.

Moreover, these people often agree with you and that creates a bond. As a result,

they will also be more inclined to do what you ask of them.

You can take a position in many ways. You can use your own experience to show that there is a misunderstanding or threat, and which inconveniences or missed opportunities arise from it. You can show that competing providers do not do it right in your eyes and why. You can turn a sacred house into your field. All you need is insight, expertise and a portion of guts ...

An example of a position that immediately provided a nice new customer was an article on this site about how easily companies go wrong with the formulation of social media

objectives. Without having promoted the article, a phone call came from a new customer who immediately said 'I read your article and I wholeheartedly agree'. Bingo.

Be authentic

People buy from people and from companies that they experience as real. That authenticity is expressed in different ways. It can be an authentic story about the reasons behind the emergence and existence of a company.

You can show the motives of your employees. Why are they concerned with the customer? Even a photo of the people who work behind the scenes of your company, gives people a

feeling of your company.

As an entrepreneur or director you can act as the face of your company and tell what you are moving.

Show the layout or exterior of your company if it differs positively. Tell them something about the standards and values that you use internally. For example, if you have a motto for it internally, or think of it now. There is a company where 'do the right thing' is painted with large letters on the wall. By showing this and by telling them which work actions go with it, this company shows that business integrity is important to them.

Take another critical look at your existing content

Take a closer look at your own site, newsletters and social media and see to what extent you have content that meets one of the above criteria. Where could it be better or different? How can you make existing content with a few short additions or adjustments more inviting to clicks? Where can you make your own sound and show your own face?

You can often create content that converts easily by taking simple steps!

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