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Conversion optimization with the call-to-action button

Building an e-mail template is generally a bit complicated. It should definitely be responsive and not contain too many images as this will delay the loading time and view.

In addition, it should be an HTML template with CSS instructions. But the technical structure is only part of the overall design process needed to reach customers more effectively.

A small element within the template helps to optimize the conversions of email campaigns.

Even though the relevance of the call-to-action button (CTA) is being discussed time and again, when dealing with newsletters and mailings we notice that its potential is not yet fully exploited in practice.

Of course, content with supporting graphics is still important to explain the product or service being advertised. But ultimately, users also need a clear request to become a new customer.

The CTA Button gives you the opportunity to briefly and succinctly summarize what action you expect from the user and what advantage the user has from the click on your page.

That sounds difficult at first - but it is only conditionally.

Think of the holistic process within your funnel. Do you offer a free service, do you have an up-to-date newsletter that you would like to entice your readers or do you draw their attention directly to the purchase of the current winter collection? Think about how to get the maximum return on investment through the email campaign and what action you expect from the user.

I've summarized helpful steps for conversion optimization in email marketing.

Choose a concrete label

Let's stay with the user first. Use expressive or emotional terms in your CTAs. Individual words can attract a special attention which leaves your e-mail in the back of their mind rather than a 08/15 address. In order to build trust with your customers, it would have to be a very personal call-to-action, which addresses the users in the first person.

If you offer particularly exclusive, free or members' offers, your call-to-action teasers should include this.

Make sure the content of your CTA reflects the product or service. Stay as specific as possible in the speech and think about which landing page you want to link to your e-

mail template. The teaser should be in the direct context of this content.

Strengthen your message by telling the user when to click on the button: Words like "Now" or "Here" are very useful. However, do not be too vague when using it. A simple "click here" is too impersonal and does not explain what advantage the user has by the click.

Optimize your design regularly

The following relatively simple design upgrades can also significantly improve the click through rate of your next email campaign.

If your previous CTAs have not achieved the desired goal, consider whether the design of it can be optimized. Do you really like call-to-action like an action button? Or more like a static picture? Maybe the colour can be adjusted. Based on your CI, consider whether you can colour-customize the e-mail template and the CTA.

Another recommendation is the inclusion of arrows. A study by has shown that a call to action with a green GO arrow converts 12% better than the same version

without an arrow. Reach your users with an already familiar icon that prompts for an action. Try it.

Incidentally, pay attention to the size of the CTA. It should never be too big but always big enough in relation to the rest of the text.

We were taught to read from left to right. Of course, that affects our perception. When we read a text, we understand the content of it and can immediately follow a subsequent call-to-action teaser on the right side of the template. If you place the teaser in the top left of your template, the user does not really understand what it is about, because he only has to read afterwards what the button is all about.

Check all listed optimization measures in A/B tests by checking only one component at a time. These tips should help you to optimize the appropriate CTA for your next email

campaign, thereby increasing the long-term conversion rate.


In addition to the technical structure, the correct delivery time and a good sender address and especially the content must convince the user. Motivate your potential new

customers with an attractively designed and customized CTA for your next email campaign and consider how your email is not only viewed, but also optimally converted within

your own funnels.

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