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How to Combine Ecommerce with Data-Driven Email Marketing

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Data Driven Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Dotmailer is a Magento partner and email service provider for reputable brands. The integration of the two offers opportunities for email marketing.

The integration with Magento Commerce ensures that emails stand out more. Dotmailer uses single sign-on and faster, better real-time data synchronization. With these functions you can send smart messages that are based on in-depth insights about customers.

Smart email automation

Ecommerce merchants want customers to act impulsively. They must therefore ensure that their email stands out in a crowded inbox. Nowadays consumers receive around 44 emails per week ( source: DMA marketer email tracker ).

The time in which brands could generate sales with only simple newsletters and promotional content is over. In order to count and score high on customer satisfaction, precisely targeted data-driven communication is essential. For a higher conversion and more commitment you will have to offer relevant content that is aimed at the wishes of the customer.

Think like an ecommerce merchant, behave like a data-driven marketer

The key to success is converting the implicit and explicit data of your customers (such as order history, online behaviour and preferences) into useful insights that give a good idea.

The integration with Magento enables you to synchronize valuable ecommerce data directly with Dotmailer and other systems such as a CRM.

With a clear customer overview, you are better able to use a data-driven strategy and make your email program more focused. Then you can concentrate on increasing conversion, retention and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Behaviour-triggered messages

By using this data you can quickly and easily set up turnover-generating automations. For example, this could be a series of notifications for restoring an abandoned shopping cart, an assessment after a purchase or upsell recommendations.

In both cases, the online activities of the visitor are stored in the backend. This data can then be used for communication that is specifically aimed at certain customers, so that they will proceed to act more quickly.

Data-driven automation programs

In addition to these quick wins, data-driven automation helps you, in the long term, to bind customers to your brand. The Dotmailer segmentation tool, combined with your real-time Magento data, enables you to analyse your contact list on an RFM basis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary).

For example, you can send value-added content to those who have recently purchased your product and give loyalty points to those who often place an order.

It is wise to reward customers with high value (for example if they have spent a certain amount) with something like VIP incentives to encourage repetition of their buying behaviour.

Dynamic content is also a great way to strengthen your customer retention; for example, you can offer discounted products to customers who often use discounts, while you show new products to customers who usually pay the full price. The net effect is a more active clientele that remains loyal and buys more in the future.

Relevancy-rich e-mails

You also need to stay alert to the preferences of subscribers in daily emails, such as newsletters (as a means to stimulate relevance and generate involvement).

In Dotmailer there is a standard possibility to enrich your existing customer data with brand surveys and preferred centres, so that you can personalize your emails with dynamic content.

This level of customer insight helps you customize specific products, catalogues and editorial content to encourage customers to engage with your brand.

In addition, with your Magento data, you can add further context to your newsletters within your reach, such as wish lists, reviews, loyalty programs and product recommendations. This data is based on browsing or purchasing activities. A good example is the provision of a unique voucher (in an email) that has not yet been used by the individual recipient.

Maximize your KPIs, increase your ROI

The return on email marketing is huge. Using relevant data for automation can produce sensational results; Designing email campaigns about context and relevance almost

guarantees you a maximization of your opens, clicks and conversions.

The fact that email is dead is widely refuted by the entire digital marketing landscape; it is clearly only a myth. Why? Because for every euro that is invested, 32 euros is recouped. (Source: DMA Marketer email tracker 2018) .

Email remains clearly one of the most influential channels for marketers, and with the power of data-driven automation it becomes even more lucrative.

For example, 77% of the shopping trolleys are abandoned online , which emphasizes the extent of the revenue opportunities that lie ahead. Dotmailer customer Cabbages & Roses enjoyed an increase of 5,000% in ROI thanks to the implementation of a program for abandoned shopping trolleys.

In order to reap the rewards, ecommerce merchants must ensure that the right data is routed to the right systems; this will help you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time - every time.

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