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Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is on the rise again. Here is a step-by-step roadmap for planning a successful email campaign.

1. Provide a carefully tailored address file

Some messages are not for everyone who has signed up for the newsletter. A good e-mail marketing system offers the possibility to accurately map and segment your target group

. Consider, for example, customers and suppliers or characteristics such as gender or age. Suppose you organize a ladies night , this is not interesting for men. You can then

exclude this group from the mailing.

If you want to build a bond with your target group, you can use e-mail marketing to strengthen the relationship. You can already reduce the sense of distance by personally

speaking to the reader with his first or last name. That always sounds more personal than "Dear reader". If possible, use dynamic content and personalization!

Keep in mind that the recipients of e-mail marketing have registered on the basis of ' opt-in '. This means that they volunteered. Just because people are not allowed to

mail. If you do this, you can expect a fine and you run the risk of coming to spam lists.

Also note that anyone who logs out of the address file deletes. This prevents irritations and angry reactions. E-mail addresses that produce a 'bounce' can also be removed

from the list. The bounce indicates that the e-mail has not arrived. Check what type of bounce this is. You can also get such a report when a mailbox is full during a

holiday, for example. By keeping the list up-to-date, your measurements are the most reliable.

2. Tailor content to the reader's interest

When you use a system for e-mail marketing, you often have a template in which you only have to change the text and images. Make sure you check everything carefully before

shipping , because your readers want to read new and interesting things and not a Lorem Ipsum text or an item from the previous mailing. Also make sure that spelling and

grammar are in order, because mistakes of this kind are often perceived as unprofessional.

When you read a text yourself, you want to know what it is about. Present your message easily and directly . Refer, if necessary, to more detailed information to your

website. Present content clearly. Use white rules, headers and underline hyperlinks. Check this before sending the mailing. Interested parties will not end up on the right

page. The chance that they themselves are still searching on your website is small.

Sometimes a newsletter is not displayed as it should be. For example, this may be due to the user settings of a browser or the possibilities of webmail. Therefore offer a

text version as an alternative, without extensive layout, and an online version . This keeps the newsletter accessible to everyone.

Always close your newsletter with a sender and contact options . This way the reader knows directly who he is dealing with and how he can contact him if he wants to know

more. Make sure the contact details are up-to-date.

3. Optimize your e-mail marketing campaign down to the last detail

Although you have now incorporated the main points in your campaign, there is still room to make it even better. These are components that contribute to the user experience

and to the experience of the digital newsletter.

E-mail marketing works differently than websites. Make sure your newsletter or template is tested for as many e-mail clients as possible , both stand-alone programs and web

applications. And certainly in an era in which we make massive use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), it is a plus when your newsletter is responsive.

If someone does not find your newsletter interesting anymore, the possibility must be present to unsubscribe . With this option, he disappears from the database with one

click and receives no more messages.

Especially when you announce an action or big news, you ensure that your colleagues are aware of it. In this way you prevent a customer from contacting and an employee knows

nothing. Not everyone also likes to hear something afterwards. Inform in good time so that they are well-prepared.

4. Give the campaign aftercare

The mailing has been sent. Done! Or is not it? That is possible, but if you want to gain insight into the interest area of the target group, you probably want to know whether

the e-mail campaign has had an effect and what you can do differently next time. You can use the statistics from the e-mail marketing system for this.

It is very easy to know what your customers like or dislike. If something has aroused their interest, they will click on a link or message to learn more about it. These

clicks are measurable. Maybe they do not even read the newsletter at all! Even that can be seen in the statistics in the corresponding report. This can give you a lot of

insight. If you know that the majority of the target group reads the newsletter at 19:00, then it is wise to take this into account when sending the next edition.

Did you want to sell 10% more bags with the campaign than you normally sell in a month? Then you can keep an eye on the conversion from the moment of sending. You can make

additional use of Google Analytics for this. So know what your goals are and when you will evaluate the results.

E-mail marketing Checklist

Use the checklist for a flawless campaign:

Address file

The correct address file has been selected

Recipients registered on the basis of 'opt-in'

Previous callers and bouncers have been removed from the file

All fields for dynamic content and personalization are selected


All standard texts and images have been replaced by the right content

The text has been checked using spell check

Used images are not included

An alternative text version is available

All links can be recognized (usually by underline)

Links to the website (s) have been checked

The message of the mailing is clear

The sender (both name and e-mail address) are correct


Recipients have the option to remove themselves from the mailing file with one click

The mailing is optimized for various e-mail clients and smartphones

An online version of the mailing is available

Colleagues are aware of the moment of shipment

Colleagues are aware of information and actions in the mailing


All recipients' actions can be measured

Your goals and expectations are known

The evaluation date is fixed

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