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Facebook Algorithm: What Has Changed?

Social media network Facebook has completely changed its course in 2018: the Facebook algorithm has already been adjusted twice. We hear from our customers and friends a lot of complaining about the 'no longer understanding the logic' behind the timeline because they don't understand why they see certain types of content constantly on their Facebook timeline, and why certain posts fall away.

Here, I explain it to you:

The Facebook algorithm explained

The algorithm of Facebook is a piece of code that responds to certain signals. In 2007, the algorithm responded to far fewer signals than it does now. The reason why Facebook tightens the algorithm is because we have higher expectations and the social media channel needs to become smarter to ensure that we keep coming back.

Why does something appear on your timeline?

Facebook wants to provide you with relevant information for your interests. At first it looks at your friends (what are their interests) and the pages you follow. In addition, they take note of what content you interact with.

The combination of these factors determine what you see on your timeline. Do you scroll through your timeline and do not interact with the content each time? Then the algorithm searches for other content that suits your interests.

Funny fact: the more friends you have, the stronger the filter of the algorithm is to show you more relevant content. Because of course they want you to connect with as many friends and acquaintances as possible.

It also keeps track of how often you're logged in on Facebook. When you watch Facebook on average once a day, you will see different content

than when you log into your social media ten times a day. The Facebook algorithm adapts to your expectations.

What does the algorithm look like?

The Facebook algorithm must decide how powerful a message is. This is calculated using the so-called ' edgerank' which is calculated on the basis of three factors.

Factor 1: involvement

This is the most important factor immediately. When there is a lot of interaction with a message, the algorithm will show it to more people. Every message starts with the 'normal range', which means that it gets to see about one percent of your fans or friends. When they interact with your message it will be shown to more people.

Factor 2: content

This factor is also very important, because your content must trigger the involvement of your friends or fans. If other people show interest in the content of your message, it will get a push and be shown to more people.

Factor 3: timing

The last factor is time. Because certain information is more relevant at the moment than when a message was posted a few days ago. The Facebook algorithm therefore takes this

into account.

Together these factors determine how powerful a message is. The more powerful it is, the more people see it in their news overview.

In addition to the new algorithm, there are more changes within your Facebook timeline:

Fewer companies in your timeline

The most important change that is most striking is that the timeline is provided with other content.

Previously a timeline of a personal account filled with commercial content from companies and brands, it is now taken over by what your friends and family post, share and like.

Facebook has decided that the network is really meant for social purposes and should no longer be full of 'sales pitch'. The new upgrade of the timeline is a huge step forward for non-commercial users. For companies and brands, on the other hand, it is a huge setback because they sometimes get more than fifty percent of their traffic from these channels.

Focus on the current location

In addition to the renewed timeline, Facebook also has a new function within the mobile app for IOS: Today in. This is an overview in which you can see what is going on in your immediate vicinity (your city or sometimes city district).

You will find the latest local news, announcements from people in the neighbourhood, topics that might be interesting, but also an overview of local events. This way you always know what to do and play at your current location.

Nice to know: the overview is partly compiled by an algorithm, but also by people.

For the time being, Today In is only available in a number of major cities in America, but will continue to roll out over the world. Hopefully this function will also be available in Europe soon.

Get rid of engagement bait and click bait

Due to the changes within the algorithm in recent years, marketers have come up with techniques to get more clicks via Facebook. These techniques have now also been addressed by adjusting the algorithm again.

The use of clickbait has not been tolerated for a while, but now engagementbait is also a thing of the past. Engagement bait is a technique to influence the Facebook algorithm by getting as many likes, shares and comments on your posts as possible. This makes friends and family of the engager see the post. And that without paying.

When the algorithm gets through that you are doing engagement bait your post will automatically be given less reach. If you are often caught using this technique, your entire

account can get less coverage. It is therefore even more important to generate really strong content, and not let your reach depend on optimization techniques.

Privacy Centre

This has nothing to do with the algorithm of Facebook, but is an important innovation within Facebook. On May 25, the new privacy rules in the European Union will enter: the

GDPR legislation. These are of course also important on the data exchange within Facebook. To inform the users of the social media channel about what these changes are and how

they can adjust their settings, Facebook will set up a Privacy Centre. Here you will find information about how you can delete old messages or how you can completely erase

and delete your entire Facebook account. In addition to a collection of textual information, they also have a number of informative videos to make it even easier for their


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