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Facebook Business Page That Delivers

A company can achieve a lot of success with a Facebook business page. Research from Facebook itself shows that fans of a Facebook business page twice as often make a purchase

at the company concerned as non-fans.

Moreover, a bsuiness page is an excellent way to stay in the spotlight of interested parties and to get in touch with them. But how do you create and manage a successful business page as a company?

A successful Facebook business page in 10 steps

1. Post regularly.

For example, once or twice a week. Create a content plan and use the option to schedule updates. This way your Facebook page does not have to cost too much time to deliver a

return. Make a mix of different types of updates: text, image, a link to an article, a question or poll.

2. Limit your update to 100 to 200 characters per post (maximum 3 lines).

These short updates get 60% more interaction than longer posts.

3. Choose the time at which it will be posted with care.

It differs per company, which is the best time of the day. The largest interaction / engagement (worldwide) takes place between 21 and 22 hours. So try to post updates at the

end of the working day. Or during DWDD. Many people then scroll through their timeline on Facebook. Or do it very early in the morning (for office hours). Vary and compare

the different results.

4. Respond to reactions and messages.

Also negative messages. Show that reactions are important to your business.

5. Place questions.

Pages with more interaction are shown more in the timeline of your followers. It is therefore important to stimulate interaction. For example in the form of a question or a

sentence that followers can supplement themselves.

6. Photos and videos provide more interaction.

Videos get 100% more interaction than text. Photos 120% more interaction. Be sure to share some footage, but know that Facebook keeps an eye on the quality of your image. Therefore, be cautious with pictures that have little to do with the subject of your page and with the 'feel good' images that you see a lot.

7. Give exclusive content.

Reward the fans of the page with something extra compared to the 'ordinary' people. This can also be an exclusive discount code.

8. The Facebook Ads can help to make the page more visible.

With the paid ads you increase your reach on Facebook. By indicating your target group well you can achieve a lot at relatively low costs.

It is also possible to show your ad

very specifically to subscribers of your newsletter. You already know them, so they will be more inclined to like or share. A lot of effect for a low amount!

9. The new function "promote your post" increases the reach of posts.

Normally only 16% of the fans of a page see a post, but that can be increased with a promotion. For an amount of € 4 or a multiple thereof, the reach of your post can increase enormously. Then consider what the marketing goal of this post is and ensure a good follow-up!

10. Use the statistics information from your page.

View which type of messages generate the most interaction and adjust the shared information, the time of posting and what you do or do not promote.

Determine whether your Facebook business page is successful

When your company makes time and budget to create and maintain a Facebook business page, this always leads to ROI questions: what does the page deliver us?

You can answer this question in various ways, so that you can adjust your strategy on Facebook where necessary:

1. The statistics of the business page show whether there is sufficient interaction.

With a 5% ratio of 'people talking about you' compared to the number of likes on your page, according to Facebook we can speak of a successful, interactive page. In other words: the followers / fans of the page are and remain sufficiently interested in your company or topic.

2. The % fans that are actually converted to leads and ultimately to sales.

It is desirable to measure who goes from the Facebook business page to a landing page on your own site, where for example an information request is made or something is

downloaded. And then you can follow whether this lead eventually leads to a sale.

You can also formulate additional objectives, for example the desired number of fans of the page at a certain moment with growth objectives.

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