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Good Content Has 10 Characteristics. What Are They?

Good content is content that is valued by your target group and contributes to the objectives of your company. The definition of good content will therefore vary from company

to company. But content will only work for your brand or company when it meets the 'commandments' below.

1. The content of your content has been verified

If you share valuable information, it must be correct. That seems to be an open door, but research shows that if people think that your content is not accurate, they appreciate your brand less.

A staggering 38% of consumers indicate that accurate content with accurate information is most important to them (source: Adobe Content Survey, 2018). Moreover, content can be viewed as controversial, because it is possible to discuss certain statements or because figures are out of date or can be interpreted differently.

In your own industry you know which subjects are controversial and when you have to be on your guard. That does not mean that you have to avoid controversial issues. It is precisely the type of content that creates fans and opponents. With a clear position you prevent your expressions from making an impression, because they are too much middle of the road.

Therefore make not only safe choices, but make sure that everything you share is double checked.

2. The content is well written or produced

Your content says everything about your brand. If you create a quality image, it must also prove everything. Not only must the content be valuable, that also applies to the packaging. Texts are well written, everything is well designed and the form in which you share your information must be pleasant to handle.

3. The message is relevant to your target group

Your content must bring a solution closer. For a burning problem that someone has or for a so-called HoeDoe question. Or you offer a look behind the scenes so that someone gets to know your company and vision. This shows the elements of your brand identity and you can lead your brand in the direction you want. But it always applies that good content hits a string or fixes a problem.

4. Good content is distinctive

If your competitors or other parties have already shared certain knowledge, it is not wise to create and share similar content. Instead, you can better search for content that is not there yet or that adds content to the existing content of competitors in terms of content, form, ease of use or originality.

Sometimes it may be opportune to make similar content as your competitor. For example, if the content is indispensable for your company and without this information would not be credible. Or when you are sure that you can surpass someone else's content in quality and reach.

5. There is sufficient demand for the content

Even if your eBook, blog or video is good, if only too small a part of your target group is interested, they do not contribute enough to your objectives.

The only exception is a target group that is very small in size, which can sometimes be the case with B2B content. Therefore, first investigate what your target group is interested in and what they are looking for. Determine to which topics the question is of greatest relevance and start with it.

6. The content offers opportunities in Google or on social media

In the battle for the visibility of your content, it is of course important that your content is seen. That means there has to be a good chance to get the first page of search results in Google.

Think about visibility and findability beyond Google. For example, YouTube is the second most popular search engine and Facebook is number three. If you manage to be visible

there, it has many advantages.

But depending on your subject, the competition for the first positions in search engines can be huge. Then look for niches, which may produce a smaller volume, but with which you can take a top 3 position in the search engines. On balance, this results in more reach and interaction.

7. The content proves the qualities of your brand/company

If you have defined certain core qualities or brand values for your company, check whether they also appear in the statements you make. Your content must be in line with your

brand and everything you do.

Not every piece of content can strengthen all brand values, but if you insist that all new content supports at least one brand value, you are on the right track to build your brand identity with your content.

8. The content is shareable

Of course you can distribute content yourself. Through your site, sales channels and social media. But ideally, others are going to share your expressions for you, so that your reach increases enormously.

In that case, your content should not only be distinctive and of quality, but also divisible. Therefore, link every form of content to the possibility to share via channels. Encourage this in a concrete way, because sometimes you have to really get people to think that content is interesting for their friends or relations.

When content is shared on social media, it increases your visibility. This extra visibility has the added advantage that more people and sites will link to your content. That benefits your position in Google and increases traffic to your website. This way social media shares can function as a flywheel.

9. The content is not promotional in nature

No target group likes promotions. Full stop. Do not make the content of your statements promotional in nature, but keep them objective and valuable. Do not talk about your brand,

your proposition and brand benefits, but let the reader / listener / viewer draw his own conclusions about the quality you offer. If you still link explicit promotions to your content, your content will be read less, less downloaded, less shared and less appreciated.

10. The content offers opportunities for a follow-up

If someone has read, downloaded or received your content, then you would like to set up a follow-up process for this lead so that you can keep in touch and prove your value for a long time. 'Loose' pieces of content offer no basis for this. Therefore, ensure content that consists of multiple parts that can be followed up and reinforce each other in a

logical way.

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