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  • Wirya Hassan

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing where the affiliate promotes someone else's product in exchange for a specific commission.

For this purpose, an affiliate software is usually used that determines which affiliate is responsible for which sales.

Affiliate marketing works like this:

An affiliate applies for a special promotional link for the product of a product owner, such a link is called an affiliate link .

When a visitor clicks on an affiliate link, a so-called cookie is written on the computer of this visitor. A cookie is a small piece of text and this cookie ensures that the visitor's computer remembers that the affiliate link has been clicked. When the visitor proceeds to purchase the product, the cookie ensures that the affiliate software knows that the sale was made via an affiliate and which affiliate that was.

The affiliate software therefore keeps track of which sales have been made, who created them and how the proceeds need to be distributed. The affiliate software even distributes the proceeds of a sale between the affiliate and the product owner. As a product owner and as an affiliate you do not have to worry about this.

If a customer does not buy immediately but decides to sleep on it first, then the affiliate gets the commission assigned in the future, because of the already installed cookie

on the customer's computer. Only when the customer removes his cookies in the meantime the affiliate looses his commission but there are very few people who do this regularly.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic form of internet marketing because its working is extremely simple, but it has great advantages for both parties. When you use the correct affiliate software you do not have to worry about the administration and payment of affiliates.

You can even train your affiliates and provide them with promotional materials when you work with affiliates. When you are an affiliate yourself, you can actually promote

dozens of products at the same time and live off the commissions.

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