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How To Win Newsletter Subscribers With AdWords

In AdWords, advertisers can run various types of ads to win subscribers to their newsletter through the Google AdWords advertising system. By subscribing, companies benefit

from further direct interaction with their customers.

Why is newsletter marketing worthwhile?

Newsletter marketing has been one of the most popular and cost-effective marketing tools for companies for years. With little effort, advertisers can build an email list and interact directly with potential and existing customers through a newsletter.

The long-term goals of e-mail marketing are the same as with any other advertising on the

Internet: gaining new customers, improving customer loyalty, and increasing sales.

The more customers visit a company's website, the more customers will either buy or at least become subscribers to the newsletter. The latter can become customers in the future. The more recipients a company reaches with the newsletter, the greater the success.

The use of various advertising measures, such as affiliate programs, Search engine marketing or banner advertising costs a lot of money. While email marketing is not free, it's

much more effective compared to the other measures.

Publish valuable content on your website in the form of case studies, checklists, training materials or useful tips. Advertise this content with Google AdWords and show ads accordingly.

Through this the users reach your website. There you can regularly offer visitors high-quality and preferably free content in the form of e-mail marketing. By signing up for the service, you will receive an e-mail address from each visitor.

In order for your advertisements to generate a correspondingly high volume of visitors and enough users to subscribe to your newsletter, your advertising must be designed effectively. The tips below will help you improve the quality of your ad copy in AdWords and attract more visitors.

How to win Newsletter subscribers with Google AdWords

Always include your ad text in AdWords with call-to-action (CTA) phrases. The more effective the CTAs, the higher the conversion rate. The call-to-action is a call to action and is used regularly in TV and print advertising.

To help you track your audience in AdWords as effectively as possible, be sure to use relevant keywords in your advertising. While it will bring you a broad mass of visitors if you use common keywords, the yield in such a case is very small. In addition, you can still switch suitable banner ads in the display network.

What qualities should your landing page possess?

Limit the contents of your landing page to the essentials and do without too many uninteresting details. A minimalist designed page achieves the best results. In general, use

only an action request and do not overwhelm the recipient. Integrate a form to sign up for your newsletter.

Make sure the text in AdWords contains little or no distraction. Also, make sure that there is only one choice for the recipients. The only goal here is to subscribe to your newsletter. Use one or two pictures to improve visual communication with your potential customers. Using more images could distract the recipients too much and maybe even

confuse them.

When choosing your pictures, you should make sure that they fit the topic and are immediately understandable at first glance. Basically, the images act as a kind of visual support, allowing users to instantly see what advertising is all about.

Do not use too much text. A "wall of text" is never well received on the Internet and leads many users to simply overread most things. Use a catchy headline and additionally use one to a maximum of two lines of continuous text. In the best case, the users decide to subscribe to your newsletter.

Helpful tips for customer loyalty

If you have gained a new subscriber through the advertisements, you will need to pick them up as you would any other form of registration. For this purpose, make sure that the welcome mail is sent promptly. For even better results, refer directly to the place of registration in the mail.

The best newsletter is of little use to you if it is not read by the recipients. For this reason, you should ensure that the content of your e-mails is both relevant and of interest to the recipients. If the content is boring, interchangeable or even annoying, you will gradually lose more and more subscribers.

Every e-mail address you receive through a subscription completes your database. Convince any visitor, if he does not buy anything from you, that he at least subscribes to your newsletter. Do everything possible to keep your mailing list growing, and make sure you keep customers loyal to your business over the long term. If you have an effective email campaign and a database that consists exclusively of active subscribers, high response rates are possible.

Due to the well-known problems with spam and the sometimes great fear of the data trade, the inhibition threshold on the internet is unfortunately high. That's why you need to convince enough users to share their e-mail address and subscribe to your newsletter.

Awaken the interest of users and provide the necessary security. Clear up any privacy concerns. If and how well you succeed, you can easily check via AdWords.

Useful statistics about the registrations

There are many useful features in AdWords and Google Analytics. You will enjoy a wide range of statistical evaluations. You should make use of these functions and possibilities in any case. Statistical evaluations help you quickly determine if and how your ads are doing in practice.

The following evaluations are most useful:

• What percentage of your visitors you receive through AdWords subscribe to your newsletter?

• In which regions do most users subscribe to your newsletter?

• Are there any clear tendencies in terms of the time of day?

• At what times do users close subscriptions?

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