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Local Search SEO

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Local Search SEO

Local Search SEO , SEO for local search , and local optimization - all are synonymous with one and the same term that denotes customizing websites to the needs of local search engines.

In the last few years, the criteria for good ranking have significantly changed. So only links from authoritative websites and the number of keywords on the page was the best

precondition for good ranking, which left room for all sorts of shady practices.

However, as the search algorithm has changed significantly and, at times, significant updates occur, it is also necessary that the website be adapted to the needs of search

engines and users so that it can be easily found in search.

SEO for local search has become a very important item when an online business is launched, the primary market of the site. That's why you need to know what it is and what it


If you are in the spotlight of the local market, first of all, it is most important that you register your website on a local domain (eg .rs, .hr, .me or .ba, .uk) to make it clear to Google the country in which you are operating. Today, one of the key things for every online business is to connect a website with a physical location that is confirmed in a special way by receiving a letter from Google (for My Business ), and such an assignment gives a positive impression and users can see where your company is located and will make it easy for them to find you, then leave a rating and leave suggestions for improvement.

Local SEO also implies the use of geographic terms (name of the locality, street and number, phone) on the page, as well as logging in to directories and appearing in all

the important pages that promote ranking at the local level.



The results of this kind of optimization can quickly become apparent. If all your social and business orders are verified at the time (for example, Google takes about three

weeks to send a verification letter with a code), you may notice the following changes in a very short time:

• better position on the local search engine

• improved company image

• branding

• accelerated sales

• positive user ratings

• positive comments

• return on investment



Optimization for mobile search is as important as the need for responsive (customizable design). The fact that a site can appear on a local search engine is not in itself

sufficient or significant as a mobile search. In the last five years, since mobile devices have dominated the market and since the number of users has increased, the number of

people who are bouncing or binging over their phone or tablet has increased proportionally.

Therefore, it is very important that your site at the start is designed to fit the screen of the device from which the user accesses it, and optimized for better ranking. So, for example, Descriptions of mobile-site websites must be significantly shorter than those whose primary goal is the user who comes from the desktop. Also, photos and their descriptions must also be adapted to the speeds of 3G and 4G networks that are most current in our country.

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