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Marketing Tools: 27 Enormously Useful Ones

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Marketing Tools: 27 Enormously Useful Ones

I have put together 27 marketing tools that can be useful for various marketing activities, whether it's about publishing, promoting or analysing/monitoring. Marketing takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, these tools make marketing life a lot easier.

So here's the choice ...

Publishing content

Agora Pulse

Tool to manage Facebook pages, including applications with which you create contests and promotions. Not for free. Agora Pulse offers the possibility to compare your activities with competitors and to analyse your fans, so that you can see who your biggest fans are.


With Smore you can create online folders using a template. Easy to use and you can share your folder directly online. You can also see how often your folder has been viewed

or read on Smore. Free to use, with paid upgrades.

Curating content

Content from others can also help your customers on their way. They are grateful to you for pointing them out and for you it is less work. But where do you find that content?

Helps you to find content using search terms and provides you with a daily overview of recent articles. is free.


Similar to but you select on the basis of websites you want to follow, because you know that relevant content is published there. Also Feedly is free.

Distributing and promoting content


Helps you plan your posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter and for both personal profiles and business pages. They provide a good free version and a low-cost Pro

version with even more possibilities. Buffer also keeps track of how many times your update has been clicked and shared.

Tweetdeck or Hootsuite

One of these is indispensable if you want to use social media effectively. Schedule your updates, follow different twitter lists and monitor certain search terms. Check out Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, whichever appeals to you the most. They both have a free version.


Many companies have one person or one department that share and promote messages. That is a missed opportunity. What would happen if many more colleagues helped distribute the content through their own social media? SoWorker helps you to realize that, with a nice reward for the colleagues who participate. SoWorker is free if there are up to 5 users. You pay an amount per month for more participating colleagues.

Viral Lock Plugin

Gives visitors of your site access to certain content after they have posted a tweet or posted an update on Facebook or Google+. The Viral Lock Plugin is made for WordPress sites and is inexpensive to purchase.


Analyses what people do with visual content of your brand. It looks at your activities on Instagram and Pinterest boards and images taken from your site. You can also use paid campaigns with it.


For monitoring, measuring, posting updates and integration with CRM. Not free, different price levels.

Image editing, the easy way...

Turns every novice into an instant designer of simple but beautiful images. Free tool that is full of templates, making easy-to-use illustrations through easy drag functions. Canva also has an affordable PRO version: Canva for Work with even more functionalities, so you can, for example, capture and monitor your corporate identity.


Makes an attractive picture of a quote or phrase that you want to share. Enter text, choose template and place on Facebook or Pinterest. Quozio is free and no account is required.


With Animoto you can easily make movies. Upload photos and videos, add a style, text and / or music and you're done. You can make movies up to 5 minutes free of charge, see Animoto


Professional tool with which you make short and (very) long video recordings and edit. You can also record from your computer screen with a voice-over. Ideal if you want to share your own knowledge. See Camtasia

Source of information, tutorials and tools for anyone who wants to work with video marketing, see YouTube

Infographics are a great way to convey complex messages in an appealing, visual way. With you come a long way and you can also call in a professional.


A beautiful app with which you can combine image and text and share it in the right format on various social media. Ideal for on the go. Typorama uses your own photos and also offers free stock photos, so that you always have a suitable image.

Monitoring: know what is being said and shared online...


Use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Twitter itself and keep track of searches by name, # and @

See what is being said online and shared about a subject or brand name. Social Mention also indicates how sentiment is about a topic and can be sorted by sources (eg blogs,

news, reactions etc).

Analysing your marketing efforts

YouTube Audience Retention Report

Measures how long each of your videos is watched and shows where people drop out. This way you can improve the content and length of videos.

Fanpage Karma

Offers analytics from almost all social media, so you know exactly how each message performs and how you can adjust other messages. Fanpage Karma has a limited free version,

and a paid subscription.


Provides opportunities to grow your followers on Pinterest and Instagram by analysing what happens with every pin and board. See Tailwind


Shows you at which times your tweets and Facebook updates have the most effect. Crowdbooster is not free, different price levels.

Komfo Facebook analyser

Gives you an extensive analysis of the performance of your Facebook page (s), see Komfo


Shows how well your webcare or customer service is performing on Twitter. Free reporting, see Conversocial

And finally...


Copyscape tests whether your content has been copied by others and is used by them as if they were the author. Free tool even though there is also a pro version.

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