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Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising, also known as SEA, is a form of online advertising that can be done in various search engines such as Google (AdWords) and Bing (Bing ads).

This can be done both in the form of text ads and visual product ads (Google Shopping). The difference between these ads is that text ads are based on keywords that you choose yourself. By contrast, Google Shopping ads are generated using a product feed. Different forms of online advertising, but with the same goal: maximum return from your advertising budget.

Advertisements have occupied an increasingly prominent place in search engines such as Google and Bing in recent years. In addition to the free, organic results, sometimes four text ads and product ads nowadays (Google Shopping) appear on the search engine results page. This makes SEA an indispensable part of your online marketing strategy. Moreover, the advertising possibilities are also becoming more complex. This means that more and more knowledge and experience is needed to make the right decisions so that advertising is also profitable.

How does search engine advertising contribute to my success?

Search engine advertising is about being visible the moment someone actively searches for the products or services you offer. This can be with very specific searches (long tail), but also earlier in the customer journey on the more general, generic search terms (short / mid tail). Relevance is very important in this. Because by being the right message at the right time, you increase the chance that you attract a high-quality visitor.

Crucial for a successful campaign is the determination of realistic objectives and the desired return. This is the basis for steering your campaign. In addition, it is also important to determine what your final goal is. Do you want to sell more? Increase your brand awareness? Or simply lead more visitors to your website? Important choices that have a big influence on how you set up your campaigns.

From online advertising strategy to optimization of your campaigns

Many companies specialise in search engine advertising in the broadest sense of the word and know the possibilities of AdWords and Bing Ads. They offer various services and methods in the area of search engine advertising via Google and Bing.

Realistic objectives

An effective advertising strategy needs realistic objectives. That is why the agency that you hire should determine a realistic objective together with you based on your available budget and the desired return. In addition, they also determine the most important KPIs, so that the objectives can actually be measured.

Strategy for search engine advertising

These specialised agencies determine the strategy on the basis of the objective. This is done with the help of analyses regarding search volumes, website structure, product range and competition. For example, they outline an overall picture with the necessary information to set up a successful advertising strategy.

Set up ad campaigns

Based on the objectives and strategy, agencies create advertising campaigns that generate optimal visibility for your company. Within these campaigns you can combine all kinds of ad types including:

• Text ads

• Shopping ads

• Dynamic search ads (DSA)

• Remarketing ads (RLSA)

• Ad extensions such as phone number or locations

And there are plenty of automation tools if you are looking for an easy way to set up and manage large-scale advertising campaigns.

Data collection and analysis of your campaigns

Once the campaigns are active, the data collection and monitoring start and they constantly analyse the performance of the keywords and advertisements. This also happens at the level of device (desktop / laptop, tablet, mobile), location, time. This way you get real-time information about what works and what does not work within the campaigns.

Optimization of advertising campaigns

Based on the data analysis, you optimize the campaigns through bid management, adding exclusion words, an optimal budget allocation and (re) targeting specific target groups. In this way, you translate the previously obtained insights into more successful advertising campaigns with even greater returns.

Reporting & Evaluation

During their work, they will of course keep you informed of the state of affairs. This way you receive periodical reports and evaluations from them and they keep you informed

of realized results and executed and planned activities. These agencies thus relieve you from A to Z in the field of search engine advertising.

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