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SEO Keywords: What Should I Look For?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

SEO Keywords

You use SEO keywords because you want to score well on certain search terms. After all, you want visitors to find you on the word or word combination that you want. For example, I want

to be found on the combination of SEO tips.

What should you pay attention to when choosing SEO keywords?

When you start with choosing SEO keywords, you pay attention to the following points:

• Which words fit best with my products (eg: car insurance)

• What are the most general terms for this

• Which combinations are possible with this (eg taking out car insurance, taking out car insurance online, taking out BMW car insurance)

• Do I have more if I add my place to this (eg car insurance near London)

• Would People rather use plural or singular as SEO keyword

• Try to combine 2, 3 or 4 keywords to ensure you choose the best keyword where the audience really needs to come to you.

• Choose the best 10 keywords and use them to optimize.

Check search volume and competition

When you are slightly further with SEO, you can choose to check the search volume and the competition. The search volume can be checked via Google Ads keyword planner.

The competition can also be checked there, but you can also search your desired SEO keyword in Google by running a search on a particular keyword to see how your competitors stand. Based on this data, you will look at how you can better score on your website yourself.

SEO step by step

Choosing keywords and comparing competitors can be very extensive. To learn more about the vaious aspects of SEO and how to find the best keywords for your particular niche you can read my other articles on the topic which I have listed below:

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