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SMS Marketing

Mobile SMS Marketing - an abstract term that only becomes tangible for most companies through application examples and success stories. But once you have dealt with it and used it in the company, you will continue along this path. Because the results speak for themselves!

1. Who addresses each customer individually wins (personalization)

With personalized mass SMS Marketing communication via text local, direct revenue increases and increased customer loyalty are achieved because direct customer contact is much more likely to trigger a response than impersonal mass messaging.

SMEs that keep their customer lists in Excel benefit in particular from the text local's feature of sending SMS direct from within Excel, which makes it possible to create personalized bulk SMS in the same simple way as form letters. It is also possible to send SMS messages via their online platform.

2. What your customers really enjoy (Mobile customer loyalty)

Delight your recipients with their mobile messages! After all, the customer has invited you to their most personal area by entrusting you with their mobile phone number. Do you appreciate this trust and offer special content! For example, congratulations for a birthday or customer anniversary are very well received. Via text local they can be sent automatically and still personalized - via the birthday SMS functionality .

In addition to the "small attention" of a good customer loyalty program, relevant information for the individual customer in your CRM mailings should not be missing. For example, car dealers remind their customers of necessary service appointments or the tyre change. Interesting are also relevant image or video content via WhatsApp - after all, at least 40 percent of smartphone users look at least once a week at targeted videos on mobile devices. Mobile Communication Report 2017 *.

So think, what can your customers enjoy? What is really relevant to them?

3. Expansion of the areas of application - being creative pays off!

Many text local customers have already demonstrated this: Anyone who has once opted for SMS Marketing will soon expand their application areas company-wide. After all, there is a need for personal, fast and reliable communication in almost all departments. This kind of service can be particularly effective for customer loyalty programmes.

Frequently, the benefits of hitherto disregarded mobile channels are only revealed when using text local. For example, those who start with SMS will discover the benefits of image and video integration via WhatsApp or the possibility of calling attention via voice messages .

Many companies have suddenly recognized the writing quality of SMS communication as a great advantage, for example, in order to inform foreign employees more efficiently about the place of work. They send out information on mission planning in writing via SMS - in particular, to bridge the language barrier for foreign employees or in the case of somewhat difficult street names and company names, SMS is very helpful.


It is already clear from what has already been mentioned that mobile messages with personalized content and special customer loyalty measures in the retail sector are particularly effective and often lead directly to sales.

But be creative too - there are often effective uses where you would never have guessed! Involve employees from ALL business units in their thinking of where and how to use SMS Marketing, WhatsApp and Co in your business.

Here is a list of a number of companies offering SMS Marketing services:

Reach Interactive

Text Local

Outbound Solutions

Global Messaging


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