• Wirya Hassan

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

SEO is and remains one of the most important disciplines in online marketing. And although search engine optimization has been established for years, serious SEO mistakes are still often made today.

I've listed the top 10 SEO mistakes that you come across more often than you'd like to see in this post. Have fun (or better nerves) while reading!

1. Title tag is missing

The title of an HTML document is one of the most important design elements available in OnPage optimization. It is all the more astonishing that countless HTML documents are still made and published without the <title> tag in the source code even today.

2. Wrong keywords selected

Anyone who has optimized a website for the wrong keywords has already lost. Before you start a project (or even a single page) you should be clear about which keywords you want to use at all. These keywords should appear in the HTML document - in appropriate places.

3. Menus with Java Script

Although Google has improved when it comes to reading content on websites that have not been coded exclusively in HTML. Nevertheless, it is still one of the top 10 SEO mistakes to create dynamic menus with JavaScript. JavaScript is cumbersome and unwieldy and can be replaced by CSS. To be fair, it must be said that Google now, as I said, gets along better with JavaScript - but the entire code must be available and not be blocked by the robots.txt.

4. Absence of a logical structure

While Google does not penalize bad or mis-coded HTML documents, it does reward the logic. If you use HTML elements such as headings, you must make sure that the use is logical: <h2> always comes after <h1> and before <h3>. If one acts illogical, one confuses Google and has disadvantages compared to the competition.

5. Use of Flash

Flash has served its purpose. HTML 5 can do everything that Flash can do. In this respect, it is strange, that you still find sites that work with Flash. It gets stranger, when these pages offer no alternatives in HTML to avoid Flash. Therefore, the tip: omit flash.

6. Graphics as headline

This one is clearly also among the top 10 SEO mistakes. There are still pages that instead of a <h1> or <h2> coded heading in an HTML document use graphics. Meanwhile, Google offers webfonts that you can use to make handsome headlines.

7. Overuse of Meta Tags

Hard to believe, but true: you will find many websites still well filled with meta tags such as for "keywords". The meta tag for "description" is important because you can make the snippets, but there are no direct effects on the ranking. The space for the "keywords" can be saved 100%.

8. Not enough text

That has not changed: Google likes text. The more meaningful, helpful and purposeful, the better. Of course, Google is a machine and cannot understand texts like a human. By the behaviour of the users however conclusions are made. Short stay and high bounce rate are bad for the ranking. Good texts with relevant information, on the other hand, are good for the ranking.

9. Bad URL design

In the URL, the important search terms must appear as far ahead as possible, otherwise you give away potential. This point is one of the Top 10 SEO mistakes, because there are still many websites that deal with poorly structured URLs. Special characters and session IDs are just a problem.

10. Backlink spam

Backlinks are important and indispensable. But much depends on the quality of the backlinks. Ever since the penguin update, it's been clear where the journey is going. Classic backlink Spam has become obsolete if you want to be successful in the long term.

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