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  • Wirya Hassan

Top Rules for B2B Online Marketing Managers

Although the profession is still relatively new, the tasks that an online marketing manager must fulfill are clearly defined: the analysis, as well as the implementation and evaluation of online projects.

More and more B2B companies are increasingly choosing to invest in the expansion of online marketing activities. For this they need trained specialists. So what skills does

an online marketing manager have to bring with them to successfully complete these tasks?

# 1 creativity

Creativity is an integral part of marketing and, above all, of online advertising and is often the first keyword that comes up in connection with B2B marketing. Creativity is a classic for innovative ideas and aesthetic designs, but also for the use of certain marketing tools that contribute to the achievement of the company's goals. As a visionary and leading B2B online marketing manager, creativity should go much further. Dealing with online media should be well considered, forward-looking and creative.

You have never set up a website in this style and with these features? If you understand your target groups well and are convinced that it can work that way, then implement it. Think "Out of the Box"! This is how new web content comes about. This enables new Web content to be made more responsive to the target audience, thus achieving the goals and

KPIs that are set faster.

# 2 Motivation

Only if the right motivation behind the project can be achieved, a B2B online marketing manager can bring himself to the highest performance. However, this motivation is very

individual and may vary greatly from person to person. Motivational factors can be, for example, the industry or a special product with which a manager has always wanted to

work out something. Also new online media or instruments can be a motivation. Other incentives can also be work environment, team or salary. An online marketing manager in a

B2B company should create the right incentives for motivation. Only through individual impulses can a project grow successfully.

# 3 Teamwork

Working in a team is especially important in B2B online marketing. As an online marketer, targeted communication is the interface between companies and the virtual outside world. Therefore, the online manager in particular must be in contact with all departments and management positions and keep the communication channels open. The principle is that you are in constant contact with colleagues from sales, product management and the management. Otherwise, important aspects can easily disappear or flow into a project

too late.

# 4 Structured working method

Since in B2B online marketing all the threads for the communication are held in the hand of the online marketing manager, it is particularly important to keep track. For this structured and systematic work is indispensable. But how can this be achieved? A classic to-do list can help. For example, getting regular emails and tracking new developments are daily tasks that become routine over time. In addition, the constant exchange in the team and with service providers is indispensable. A continuous flow of information and an overview of all projects and tasks ensures efficient and targeted work.

The mentioned to-do lists ensure that all tasks can be captured at one glance and categorized according to priorities and, if necessary, into groups. This can be used to set

deadlines for a project or individual milestones that are easier to reach. In addition, there is another advantage: many people experience satisfaction when they can "chop off" completed tasks. This can have an impact on increased motivation and effective work performance. A structured way of working puts the focus on the crucial tasks, and

working as a B2B Online Marketing Manager becomes more effective.

# 5 Forward thinking

As a B2B online marketing manager, you are responsible for communicating the company's online channels to the outside world. It is necessary to act very quickly in the online area. But in order to work strategically as well, work steps must always be questioned in order to be able to design the online strategy in a future-oriented manner. Here, roadmaps and possible guidelines can be a useful tool to implement spontaneous short-term measures and yet be able to comply with the guidelines.

# 6 Perseverance

Customers and/or colleagues often find it difficult to understand processes in B2B online marketing. That is why stamina is especially important here. It would be better to reiterate facts precisely rather than rejecting or alienating them because of misunderstandings. However, there is another reason for a strong stamina. Measures in the online

area can sometimes perform very quickly in a timely manner, and then there are also measures that have to develop first. So this success has to wait and not be written off by

premature judgment.

# 7 Self-criticism

In all tasks that are carried out conscientiously, there should always be a spark of self-criticism. That does not mean that you as a B2B Online Marketing Manager be rated

worse than you are. Rather, measures should be questioned again and evaluated according to their performance. Only in this way can development take place in order to further

increase measures in B2B online marketing. This self-criticism is a kind of quality assurance that the online marketer should carry out in the process.

# 8 Training

As the online marketing industry is undergoing rapid development, it is of paramount importance to stay on the ball. This can be done through classic measures such as

seminars and training. Specialist media such as magazines, blogs and books should also be consulted.

It is important that you are informed regularly and thus understand the developments. A tip here is that you take time for your own training. For example, read 15-30 minutes of up-to-date news and new, interesting articles each morning or after lunch, or pick out a weekday that will allow you to spend more time learning online. In addition to being up-to-date and able to implement the latest marketing measures, you are also able to communicate professionally with colleagues or service providers about these developments.

# 9 Work-Life-Balance

Despite all the joy of working in B2B online marketing, it should not be forgotten that you also need to balance your sometimes stressful work routine. Therefore, care should

be taken to ensure that leisure stays free time. By this, it is meant that once the office door is closed behind, no thought should be wasted on the upcoming tasks or difficulties. To get new energy and ideas, you also need a break from B2B online marketing. The danger of the notoriously infamous operation blindness can thus be minimised.

It makes sense to seek compensation for everyday working life. Some find it in sports, others in a walk, others relax with a coffee with friends or family. It is important that you treat yourself to something and continue to enjoy your job in this way.

# 10 Find Your Own Style To Fine Your Own Working Style

is not always easy. Above all, the personal style in dealing with customers, colleagues or partners is particularly noteworthy here. Find a way how to communicate facts to your counterpart charmingly but purposefully. Some do this with a certain sense of humor, others with strong expertise. It is important to discover one's own strength and to use it purposefully in everyday working life. Thus, you will be an asset to your colleagues and partners.

Conclusion: You can choose your own mix of creativity, motivation, teamwork, working style, stamina, training and work-life balance to find your way as a successful B2B online

marketing manager and have, in the process, more fun, efficiency and success in everyday working life.

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