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Video Content Marketing: How To Reach The Masses

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Video Content Marketing:  How To Reach The Masses

Video content Marketing is on everyone's lips. For a successful campaign, the first step is to create first-class content. And then? Pressing the "Publish" button one would hope that

organic traffic will fix everything by itself? It's not that easy.

Even if your video content is high-quality and SEO-optimized, it does not unfortunately mean that it is found by all your potential customers. But luckily there are some channels that help us to find the content of the right person at the right time.

Content distribution - use your own channels

Own channels are those for which you are solely responsible and for which you incur no additional costs, other than operating costs. You alone decide which content is

published in which form. These channels are:

Website: Place your latest video content offers prominently on the homepage, a sidebar or across the top of the screen. In addition, a page with all available downloads is recommended.

Blog: In your blog , you can pick out individual topics from your content offers and promote them separately as videos. The blog is your internet platform and the ideal

place to publish high-quality video clips.

Landing Pages: I have already recommended that you include your video content offers on the website and / or create a complete download page. However, from a sales prospective, it would be fatal if you provided the content without collecting at least some contact information. So create a landing page for your content offerings and provide them with a form that the customer must fill to view the desired offer for free. Then send him an email with the offer or forward it to a thank you page where he can start the viewing right after filling.

E-mails: Write an e-mail to (selected) contacts who might be interested in your video content offer. You can do a write-up about it in your newsletter.

Content distribution - fill "foreign" channels

Strengthening your own channels should be one of your top priorities. But that does not mean that "foreign" channels should be excluded from your marketing strategy. The right

mix does it!

Earned Media

Earned Media is very lucrative and cannot - as the name suggests - be bought. Earned Media is everything that is published by third parties about you.

Earned Media increases your reach and is considered particularly trustworthy, as the content is reported by a non-related company.

Make an effort to publish in specialist magazines or influential blogs. Links are also an important topic in this section: link to your video within your own blog from time to time on an influential page (of course, only if it fits the theme). In due course, you may also be able to secure important backlinks from the forerunners of your industry, which in turn will have a positive effect on your search engine ranking.

Paid Media

Paid Media is a purchased guaranteed placement across multiple platforms. These can be slots or space in classic media such as TV, radio or print as well as online advertising and,

for example, AdWords campaigns.

As the word "Paid" already betrays, you have to reach into the wallet for it. That's why this form of advertising requires that you be thoughtful. Use Paid Media, for example, mainly for

video content that has already proven itself on your own channels. This reduces the risk of a bad investment.


Announce in all your social networks that you have a new piece of video content. Do not just think about Facebook, but also about Google+, Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter.

CONTENT DISTRIBUTION as an important component of inbound marketing

Content distribution is an important part of an inbound marketing campaign. For a complete campaign planning, it is often worthwhile to proceed step by step so as not to forget any important components.

After all, if you bother creating first-class video content, you do not want to fail in the process, right?

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