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Web Store - 6 Tips for Optimization

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

WordPress's free add-on "WooCommerce" has made it easy to run web stores with just a few clicks. However, this is not enough. In order for the store to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to optimize ( on-page SEOand off-page SEO ) and offer visitors a pleasant shopping. These are tips that should be followed to make the results as natural as possible.


SEO is a unique process of matching the website with rules that Google and other search engines take into account in order to achieve higher ranking. This process lasts and never ends, partly because Google's algorithms are changing, and partly because there are always changes on the sites.

Internal optimization (On-page SEO ) means the content of the site and the quality of code that, together, affect the better user experience and contribute to a higher ranking on search engines. On the other hand, external-optimization ( off-page SEO ) is conducted out of the site in order to attract more visitors to make the conversion more successful.

It is clear that SEO implies both these processes and that only a combined approach can achieve the desired results. The tools that can be used are quality content, correct code, appropriate meta descriptions, protocols and photos, link building, etc. All this will result in a gradual increase in organic traffic, higher ranking of the site, improved authority and higher conversion.

Web stores are no exception to this rule, and, in addition to good internal optimization, external optimization can achieve even better results. The most important thing is to build links with link building and social media marketing because they have the biggest impact on Google and users.


A blog on the website is a great way to get in touch with visitors and provide them with current and informative content again. This is particularly true in online stores.

A blog on the online store provides the best links, and they are conditioned by quality content. You can share articles on social networks, connect with producers and other blogs and trusted customers.

The blog can also serve for publishing prize wagers, coupons, promotional offers, more detailed descriptions of products, media events, etc. What is important here is to publish frequent and targeted content, making the blog more active thus letting its value grow.


Unless you sell only and exclusively your own products, contacting the original manufacturer can be used multiple times.

First, on the manufacturer's website, you can look up information about whether they are connecting with resellers. If this option exists, do not hesitate to contact them and find out how to connect.

Secondly, if the site of the main producer has a blog, try to get in touch with them and agree on possible cooperation - in the form of publishing texts on the blog. You can offer product reviews, sales information in your region, organizing promotional events, etc.

Offer concrete ideas for cooperation and the manufacturer will have no reason not to accept them!


Before online shopping for products you have not bought before, you can always look up previous customer ratings. Most modern online stores offer visitors the ability to evaluate and comment on products, and this is precisely the great opportunity to build links and connect with potential business partners and customers.

Customers definitely like to evaluate products, and if you try to evaluate products on other sites as a seller, you will be able to open the possibility of expanding the voice of your store. In this way, you achieve credibility and develop confidence.


Visiting articles on other blogs can be a great way to get in touch with them and reach out to a wider audience. Try to find them using the term "write to us", "guest blog", "required textwriting", "publishing instructions", and the like, in combination with the area in which you operate.

The goal is to find sites or blogs dealing with the same or similar area as your store and to establish cooperation with them. They aim to get informative and high quality texts that their visitors will read. Your goal is to provide yourself with a link on their site or blog through the text they will be happy to publish.

During the search, be aware that the site or blog is doing business in your area, accepts guest articles, evaluates them for quality, and allow link tracking (label "dofollow" instead of "nofollow").

Although this seems like an easy job, it's not. In particular, keep in mind that the payment for this type of disclosure is punishable and that Google algorithms have a way to detect and sanction fraud.

Make sure you comply with the rules and guidelines for publication and that the cooperation is mutually beneficial.


You must have sold the product so far to customers who were both extremely satisfied and extremely dissatisfied. Find a way to reach out to them and offer them additional benefits.

Satisfied customers are certainly willing to praise you or evaluate you on social networks or product pages. You can always find out from dissatisfied customers what they did not like and how you can improve the product or service. You can offer vouchers or additional benefits for the next purchase, which will surely create the basis for sharing information on social networks and will be working for both of you.


Although Google's search results are the most important channel, social networks are slowly gaining increasing importance. That's why they need to be used in the right way.

Their purpose is not only to proclaim products or publish pictures, but also to blog articles, to get user ratings, to ask questions and get answers, to publish video material, new products, biographies of team members, and a multitude a similar, precisely defined material that users targeted for.

Open profiles and pages of your web store on social networking sites popular in your industry, and make sure to make it easy for users of these networks to reach your business.

Have you already tried some of these techniques or do you know of others? What did bring the best results? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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