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Website Optimization: 8 SEO Rules for Google

The way to better rank in search results (SERP) is that to correctly apply the rules of optimizing the site for search engines (SEO ), of which the best known and most

popular is Google.

A better place in search results on Google means that more customers will see your site, and the description and content you offer depends on whether you will visit it. To

successfully apply SEO to your site, you need to follow a few relatively easy rules, which we bring below.


Website Optimization for Google



Indexing of each web site implies that Gugl, on the basis of his own algorithms, often changes, places him in certain groups of sites, for example, on a similar topic. This

is accomplished thanks to the keywords you describe your website.

The use of keywords should be governed by some rules. First, if your company is dealing with the sale of computer equipment, you should use such key words throughout the site

- avoid content that is not related to the subject of the site. So, choose the right keywords that best bind to the job you are dealing with.

The number of keywords that will appear on the page should be adapted to both readers and Google, so as not to break away. The goal is for these keywords to appear subtly, to

naturally run through the text, and to avoid strangling pages with keywords . The optimal keyword share in the text is between 2 and 4%, which means that for 1000 words, it's

okay for 20-40 words to be crucial.



The content is related to the keywords because it depends on them. On a specific example, if you want to rank a web site for the keywords of "luxury apartments in Nepal", and

there is no mention of such a phrase anywhere on the web, or just one or two, optimization of the SEO site for these key words becomes meaningless .

When placing content on a site, make sure that the content is high quality , unique , written in such a way that it gives the reader the information they really use, and

which they will not find elsewhere. Even if you use other content, whether you translate it, adapt it or use it as an inspiration, give credit to authors or the original site

- by linking and signing the author.

It is very important that you do not copy yourself and do not post the same content on multiple pages on the site. This will have a bad influence on ranking on Google,

because in this way, Google will not know which page is original and what to pay to attention when indexing the site. If it's really necessary to set up the same content,

make sure to modify it in some way.



Depending on the type of work you are dealing with, the number of pages you have on the site will be different. Some will necessarily stay static and will not change or

offer new content, so it's good to have a blog on the site- so you can steadily increase the number of pages and have the ability to regularly use keywords in the texts you




Special attention should be paid to the links, because they are extremely important.

First, you need to link content through the internal links . Readers will benefit from this because you will thus associate related content; and Google will easily track and

link content, making it easier for you to put in your search directories.

The second important thing is to set up links to your own site on other sites , which sometimes can be very difficult because the link setup is strictly controlled. Leaving

comments on someone else's texts or forums are ways to do that, but sometimes it takes a while to gain a reputation on the site to allow you to leave links.



Setting up good content is only half the battle - the other half were Clips (Snippets ), marks (Tags ) and meta descriptions (Meta description ). Based on these, Google will

easily index the new content because it provides a brief but detailed insight into what you are doing on the site/blog/ blog site, through snippets, labels, and meta

descriptions. Although it may seem tedious, filling out these elements means helping Google to make it easier for you to be recognized and do your website optimization in a

more effective way.

Additionally, meta descriptions and meta names are what will appear when a site appears in the search, so it must be ensured that they are written so that the visitor wants

to click on the site and view the content.



One of the key factors affecting the position of the search site is also the speed of the site , This has become even more important since the announcement of the change in

the display of the results in relation to which device you are performing. Search on a mobile phone ranks websites according to what versions of them are for mobile phones or

portable devices, and the search on the computer will yield different results.



The goal of the site is to connect with the audience in the right way and to provide information that the readers will be interested in visiting the site. The more visitors

you have on the site, and the longer they stay on the site, the site's position on Google will be better, as a constant stream of visitors , and the growing population,

indicate that the site is alive.

It's important that you know which keywords are searched by the target group that you want to attract, and use them on the site. Explore which keywords bring audience to

your site, and what are the interests of site visitors, and use themt to keep them on the site and actually returning.

When writing content that is customized to users, consider the power of social networks and that modern users on social networks share much. Use it for your own benefit and

provide them with the content they will want to share.



All guidelines start to make sense when taking a site analysis . There are many free analytics tracking tools , and some of them even offer free versions of the platform

through which web sites are set up.

Pay attention to which days you have the highest number of visits, which pages are the most popular, where visitors find your content and from which pages they come to your

site, how much time they spend on your site, what keywords are searched, and what keywords were found on your site . All this, and many other issues, provide you with a

meaningful insight into what is significant to users, and these are the best guidelines that you need to guide when implementing an SEO strategy.

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