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Website Traffic: 4 Tips To Increase It

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Website Traffic:  4 Tips To Increase It

Your site: drop in the sea of the web. How to emerge?

That your business benefits from its online presence is now known. In the digital age, having a site is the main business card. And you have one?

Those who show interest in your business, before thinking of becoming a consumer of your product or service, usually tend to inquire and do so by visiting your site.

Each visitor can become a contact, every contact a potential customer. The more visitors come to your virtual "window", the more likely they are to increase your business.

It's all about "traffic" ... web, of course! But you know how to increase it?

Putting your site online is not enough to see visits increase, nor do you expect this to appear immediately at the top of the search engines! Its high rankings is the result of precise web marketing strategies that require commitment and specific skills.

The starting point is to understand that two are the fundamental determinants:

• the visibility of your site,

• the target of your visitors.

The visibility must ensure "promotion" for your business, drawing possibly profit. A little visited site, or visited by a user little interested in your commercial offer, will not have a long life.

From a technical point of view, increase visits to your site, calls for the adoption of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These techniques, in fact, improve your positioning in search engines , allowing interested users to find your pages easily on the web. This results in a possible increase in traffic, which will be "qualified" and not random.

Indispensable is the preparation phase, in which your web page is structured in compliance with SEO techniques, with content about your business and which are distinguished by so-called "keywords", keywords that identify the purposes and the terms under which your visitors search.

What to do then to boost traffic to your website?

Here are some tips to put into practice to "emerge" from the sea of the network.

The support of an SEO expert is certainly preferable, but from a practical point of view even the less experienced can contribute to increasing the number of their visitors online.

1. Update the contents of your web pages constantly

Updated content encourages visitors to return to visit your site, as well as allowing you to improve your ranking on search engines, thus gaining greater visibility.

A website that is not updated is unlikely to be "read" by search engines and therefore offered to Internet users. On the contrary, an active and optimized site, allows search engines to easily detect it, through the so-called "spiders", software designed to catalogue sites on the Internet, through "keywords" (keywords that identify your business).

The contents must be of value and possibly include, within them, hypertext links that refer to other contents of your site, thus increasing the visits.

2. Identify the contents of your site with effective "keywords".

In SEO terms, to position yourself high on search engines, it is essential to associate the contents that you publish with the effective keywords that distinguish your business.

The choice can fall on a generic single keyword, or headword as it is called, but this will certainly have a very high competitiveness and it will not be so easy for you to reach top positions.

It is better, instead, to identify your contents with groups of keywords, the so-called " long tail keywords ". The concept is to not be limited to a single term, but to associate at least 3 or 4 words, because now users are looking for more specific and detailed content.

The set of several key terms increases the probability of a higher number of visits compared to a single and generic "keyword" because it would be easier to rank on page one of search engine results.

How to choose effective keywords?

Help can be Google Adwords, the advertising platform of Google that has within it a tool to identify the most effective keywords for the publication of online content.

The keyword planning tool is in fact a free feature of AdWords that helps to identify which are the most competitive keywords to use for web marketing campaigns.

Here you can search for ideas for keywords to use and see their search volumes.

How to proceed?

• You access Google Adwords with your account;

• go to the Tools section;

• access " keyword planning tools ";

• you enter the keyword or groups of keywords, customizing the search based on your area of interest.

The result will give us an interesting overview of the most effective terms, their performance in terms of monthly searches and competition.

Based on the most interesting "keywords", you will prepare the contents that will update and enrich your site, which will always provide answers to the burning questions of your readers or solutions to their problems.

3. Create a Community

Create a newsletter, a group on Facebook or on Google Plus, where your users can feel involved and pushed to communicate with you on issues that may interest them. Interacting with them, arguing with valid content, will make you an "expert on the subject", a reference figure in the industry. This will bring users who will relate more and more with you and

turn into probably your contacts.

Be active in blogs or online discussion forums, where you "meet" users close to your target market; make interventions that readers can find useful, including a link to your website at the end of your message. Be part of it, but do not let your actions become spam.


Update the status of your social profiles or fan pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., to communicate any changes to your site or blog. Create quality and easily shared content that can circulate among web users and which arouse interest in deepening the knowledge of your business, obviously advertised through the link to your


Social networks are based on the principle of "sharing", which is decisive for the diffusion and consequent growth of your business.

An extra strategy? Use paid advertising on Google or on Facebook.

You can also make your business known with paid advertising, based on the clicks received for the advertisement, either on a pay per click basis or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis, respectively with Google AdWords services and Facebook Ads.

Google AdWords, for example, is an advertising platform that also allows you to sponsor your business on all Google channels, especially on the search engine.

The Facebook Ads, however, are a paid tool made available by Facebook that allows you to show ads or ads sponsored on products or services, to users who belong to a specific target audience. Through the Facebook Ads you can promote a Facebook Page (and related posts & events), a website or an application.

Both tools certainly bring a great opportunity in terms of visibility.

These are just some of the techniques that you can put into practice to increase traffic to your web pages, but for a successful web marketing campaign it is essential to have the support of an expert for SEO activities, especially for visibility of your online business.

Finally, do not forget to monitor the results of all these actions. Tools like Google Analytics and Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) can be useful, which are essential for analysing your site's statistics and for correcting errors on your pages.

And now you just have to design your site, if you are in the start-up phase, or keep the one already in place. The sea of the web awaits you and with it its "sailors".

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