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What is a Linkbait? How does Linkbaiting work?

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

What is a linkbait?  How does linkbaiting work?

A linkbait is a search engine optimization (Seo) method that aims to promote the voluntary linking of a website. This is especially known from fishing, where you put a worm on the hook to bait fish and tempt them to bite. This is exactly how Linkbaiting works, just transferred to online marketing.

The goal of a linkbait is to create new links as part of link building - but completely natural links voluntarily set by website operators. This creates a natural link profile, so that there is no danger of Google punishing the website.

Examples and suggestions for successful linkbaits

Decisive in linkbaiting is a well thought out, good, unique content that is so entertaining, informative or engaging that it will be linked.

Typical contents for a linkbait are for example:

  • Sweepstakes

  • infographics

  • Top lists

  • industry or topic Analyses, Expert Ebooks

  • Influencer flattery

  • Arouse curiosity: conduct surveys

  • Interesting insights: conduct interviews

  • Exclusive messages, scandals, reports about warnings

  • Free: distribute giveaways and gifts

  • Reward users: organize competitions, quizzes

  • Helpful: checklists, create top lists, write instructions

  • Collect unique data: conduct experiments and tests, provide statistics and make enquiries

  • Useful: Offer free tools or widgets

  • Write reviews: Test and evaluate products

  • Multimedia: Create podcasts / videos

  • Organize parties or sponsor events

  • To profile oneself: to become a member of an association, to take part in fairs

  • Charity: Donate or do something good

  • Competitions / Blog Parades

  • Publish jokes

  • Begin taunts or contradict other (important) people

  • Shocking pictures, videos, facts

Why Linkbaiting?

Backlinks still play a crucial role in the context of seo because they are an important ranking factor for the Google algorithm. The inherited Linkjuice strengthens one side and thus ensures a better ranking in the Serps .

Of course, since the newly created linkbait content is not linked automatically, it needs a so-called seeding. You specifically contacts influencers and authorities and draws attention to the new content. However, if you make mistakes during the seed process or the action is too obvious an attempt as a link bait, the campaign will fail. Crucial for a linkbait is that it is not recognized as such.

Do linkbaits pay off?

For every economically thinking person, hopefully the question arises: Will my linkbait pay off at all?

One thing is clear: A linkbait can create links that you just cannot buy. (But nobody buys links anyway, no idea how I get that right now).

The exciting thing is: every Linkbait has a chance of viral distribution, so it can go through the ceiling. However, there is never a guarantee!

Of course, in addition to the links that have been gained, there are also positive side effects, such as branding and increasing awareness through a positive brand experience.

Linkbait is not just about links! At least it should not be the only goal! Of course, good promotions and Linkbaits also bring traffic, possibly even new customers and sales!

If you land a coup and really big sites take up the topic, you get not only a lot more trust but also the links that the competition does not have!

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